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Welcome to the "Leighton Logs" a website covering railway matters in the Leighton Buzzard area. The articles, gen and phots date back to my early years as a Dunstable lad in 1969 through to heady bashing days both in late 70's Swansea and in Leighton from 1980 onwards. The Leighton area despite the variety of motive power and varied scenery has rarely featured in the "mags"so this site aims to correct this. Also by promoting "bashing" articles and phots another void is filled. I hope you enjoy the site and its continuing success is in part due to the efforts of the local "top men"..ie messrs "RM", "AC", "TR", "JH", "RS", "PB", "TC", "MB" and "MIB" "RC", plus many other "logs team" members...

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  • 240218 - Cobblers Apr 23 1985.
  • 240218 - The "slim Jims" remembered, ta to "DS"
  • 240218 - Watford Jn stoppers 1952-2018.
  • 240218 - 87002 works class 1 again, Feb 2018.
  • 240218 - East Lancs Spring deisel gala, Feb 2018.
  • Next update - Mar 31st 2018.
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31 to the rescue, M.Keynes Apr 85

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