Logs phots, 041014 update - featuring 1972-2014 -many thanks yr contributions

Bristol Bath Road, Oct 72

10727068r.jpg Memories of a half term holiday largely spent at the West end of Temple Meads. Non stop loco movements on and off shed back then.

 Hymek 7068 plus class 46 189 and the nose of Warship 832 make up a typical Bath Road scene…


Welshpool, 070784


07078425224n042r.jpg Summer Saturdays on the Cambrian. 25224 and 25042 thrash out of Welshpool with the 0735 Euston - Aberystwyth. 25311 and 25298 would return us to Salop on the 1010 ex Aber 50 mins or so later. 25189 and 25060 completed the days action on the 1010 Euston - Aberystwyth that sunny day.<


Chester Depot, 280986

280986chestershedr.jpg Viewed from the passing Mersey Ratcatcher” farewell tour is a good line up of power on Chester depot.


Tunnel Hill, 010704


01070490015s47r.jpg A classic viewpoint now lost to prolific “veg” growth. 90015 with 1S47 0622 Euston - Glasgow approaching Linslade tunnel South.


Ledburn, 221009


22100956312r.jpg 56312 looks impressive during a short lived “grid” operation of some Trafford Park bound modal service


Princes” Risborough, 170914


17091455034r.jpg After a gap of several months the green bubble is back! W55034 leaves Risboro for Aylesbury in morning gloom. The green bubble has a very “parpy” warning horn almost class 25 like, the blue bubble has a much louder more modern sounding hoot..!



Leighton Station, 190914


19091420142lbr.jpg 20142 with 20189 tailing with a “railvac” move from Willesden to Chaddeston via Nuneaton. See our special feature for more views


190914377201n205r.jpg Pairs of 377s normally work the 07/11/15/19xx departures ex Leighton to cover for heavy loads now most platforms have been extended on the west London Line. 377201 and 205 await the tip with the 1513 M.Keynes - S.Croydon which returns with the 17 blip former “rammedex” North 


Old Linslade, 220914


22091460009olr.jpg Former LNER A4 60009 and support coach eases round the Old Linslade curve with 5Z45 Southall-Crewe HC move after a tour locally on the previous Saturday.


Milton Keynes, 250914 thanks to Mark Beal


25091420189n142r.jpg Balfour’s 20189 and 20142 during a twenty five minute rest at MK during a reversal on 25 Sep whilst working the 6N00 1939 Chaddesden - Hanslope Junction.


Bletchley TMD, 260914 thanks to Mark Beal


260914BYTMDr.jpg “The new sign on the gates of the recently activated BY TMD showing the new role of the depot in acceptance testing of the new class 387's. 387105 arrived on the evening of 26 Sep behind 66610. The unit is locked away inside the TMD and of note 66610 also ventured inside the TMD solo before heading back light overnight to Derby.The 387 has test paths BY-WM coming up”


Ongar, 260914 thanks to Robin Morel


260914EOR12n3r.jpg “Friday 26th saw the Tube return to Ongar (motive power provided by 1996 vintage 500hp Diesel Hydraulic 'Schoma' locos)
First train of the day had all 4 locos 9 & 1 on Ongar end, 12 & 3 Epping end with locos 1 and 12 fitted with Wedglock couplers to allow coupling to the Cravens Set.
Of the 14 Schoma locos on the tube, a repowering from Diesel Hydraulic to Battery Electric is now underway so a most rare move with these in passenger use between North Weald and Ongar”


Bitton, 270914 thanks to Neil Evans


270914Armyr.jpg Caught this little beastie out to play at Bitton. It's an Andrew Barclay machine built in Kilmarnock in 1941 for the War Dept. It was in action at the Avon Valley railway’s  wartime weekend.”


Old Linslade, 021014


02101492002r.jpg The late afternoon Crewe - WM light engine turn continues to give power variety, heres 92002 and 92016 heading South


Ledburn, 031014


031014Tangmerer.jpg “Tangmere” passes an up 350 at Ledburn during her lenghthy Southall - Carnforth 0K00 move



Local gen snippets..


The Mk III 90 hauled set normally used by Virgin on Thurs and Fri evenings is being stood down. Last WCML operation expected 241014

Calvert spoil which was running at 3-4 trains daily taking Crossrail muck North appears to have resumed after a few quiter weeks

The palisade fencing holes are being filled..Bourne End downside now has the grey shiny stuff

Electric hauled liner activity from Anglia Region has resumed after weeks of diesel action due Ipswich yard issues  


On this day in history.


041083 - Midland mainline HST services began, thhat’s 31 years …


 The weeks that were, local gen

Saturday 13 September

66303 0Z68 Willesden-Crewe with failed 68009

67019 0B41 Wembley-Daventry/6O67 Daventry-Dollands Moor vans


Sunday 14 September

319380/319364/319365 5M80 Bedford-Wolverton


Monday 15 September

86637 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

70018 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St


Tuesday 16 September

86612/605 4M54 Tilbury - Crewe

70016 4L41 Crewe-Felixstowe

70018 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St


Wednesday 17 September

86613/627 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe with 86614 dit

20142/189 6N00 Nuneaton-Willesden railvac

31452/601 6Z31 Chaddesden-Willesden

70017 4L41 Crewe-Felixstowe

70018 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St


Thursday 18 September

86612/605 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

90029 tnt 67017 1Z67 Euston-Southport/1Z68 Southport-Euston

68013 0Z68 Norwich-Wolverton/5Z68 Wolverton-Norwich 12134/12150.

20142/189 6Z20 Chaddesden-Willesden

20309/312 Dungeness flasks

70018 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St

90034 WB64 1G40 Euston-New St/1B94 New St-Euston


Friday 19 September

86622/610 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

20142 tnt 20189 6Z56 Willesden-Chaddesden

70006/66548 0Z23 Willesden-Crewe

70015 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70018 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St

90034 WB64 1G40 Euston-New St/1B94 New St-Euston


Saturday 20 September

47237 1Z86 Euston-Holyhead/1Z87 Holyhead-Euston (to/from Crewe)

60009 Union of South Africa 1Z91 Euston-Chester/1Z92 Chester-Euston


Monday 22 September

86637/609 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

68013 5Z55 Norwich-Wolverton with 11091 12026 12146 (0Z55 return via Peterborough)

60009 Union of South Africa 5Z45 Southall-Crewe

57303 5Z69 Willesden-Crewe

70013 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St

70015 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe


Tuesday 23 September

86614/628 4M54 Tilbury - Crewe

60099 6B10 Peak Forest-Bletchley/6H10 Bletchley-Peak Forest

70014 4L97 Trafford Pk-Felixstowe

70013 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St

70015 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe


Wednesday 24 September

86612/604 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

66089 7L09 Derby-Shoeburyness with five car 378201

70014 4M87 Felixstowe-Trafford Pk

70007 4L90 Crewe-Felixstowe

70015 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70013 4M93 Felixstowe - Lawley St

90034 WB64 1T91 Euston-Birmingham/5T91 Birmingham-Wembley


Thursday 25 September

86614/628 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

20142 tnt 20189 6N00 Chaddesden-Hanslope via MKC Railvac

70013 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St

70015 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

90034 WB64 1G40 Euston-New St/1B94 New St-Euston

37604/605 Dungeness Flasks


Friday 26 September

86632/637 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

60015 6B10 Peak Forest-Bletchley/6H10 Bletchley-Peak Forest

66610 7X33 Derby–Bletchley with 387105

70017 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70020 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St

90034 WB64 1G40 Euston-New St/1B94 New St-Euston


Saturday 27 September

68009 0Z68 Willesden-Crewe

70002 4L98 Crewe-Felixstowe


Sunday 28 September

20142/189 6Z20 York - Willesden 


Monday 29 September

86614/628 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

86605/627 0L92 Garston - Ipswich Yard

86259 0Z86 Preston - Willesden (originated East Lancs Rly)

86501 4L90 Crewe - Felixstowe

70020 4L41 Crewe-Felixstowe/4M87 Felixstowe-Trafford Pk

70017 4M56 London Gateway - Crewe

70002 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St


Tuesday 30 September

86501 4L41 Crewe-Felixstowe

86612/607 4M54 Tilbury - Crewe

86605/627 4L92 Ditton - Felixstowe

66116 6X26 Wembley-Toton point carriers (re-routed off mml)

70017 4M56 London Gateway - Crewe

70002 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St


Wednesday 1 October

86609/613 4L89 Crewe-Felixstowe/4M87 Felixstowe-Trafford Pk

86604/638 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

86605/627 4L92 Ditton-Felixstowe

68010/003 0Z68 Crewe-Wembley LMD

68003 0Z69 Wembley LMD-Crewe

70017 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70002 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St


Thursday 2 October

86614/628 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

86627/605 4L92 Ditton-Felixstowe

70005 4M45 Felixstowe-Ditton

70002 4M88 Felixstowe-Crewe

70010 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70013 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St

90034 WB64 1G40 Euston-New St/1B94 New St-Euston


Friday 3 October

86632/609 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

34067 Tangmere 5Z67 Southall-Carnforth

57315 5Z00 Kilmarnock-Old Oak Common HST Set

66617 7X33 Derby-Bletchley with 387106

70010 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70017 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St

90034 WB64 1G40 Euston-New St/1B94 New St-Euston


Saturday 4 October

86259 1Z86 Euston - Carlisle

60099 6H10 Peak Forest-Bletchley/6H10 Bletchley-Peak Forest

70010 Trafford Pk-Felixstowe

70002 4M87 Felixstowe-Crewe

166201 5??? Reading-Wolverton

86605/86637 Spcl up pm liners



Wolverton works moves include

Arrivals: 166201, 319380/364/365, Anglia Mk3s 11091/12026/12146


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