08742  loco history

08742 was delivered new to Polmadie depot in Nov 60 as 3910. She left Scotland for the Midland in May 73 being renumbered 08742 in Apr 74. She was stored at Allerton in Sep 98 but was reinstated to BS in Aug 99. As a nominally based Toton loco this shunter has done pilot duties at various yards across the Midland, even a spell at Hoo Jn in 2013. She was repainted Parcels red in 2001 a fading livery she retains into 2018.

Locally she will be remembered for long spells at Northampton shunting parcel vans , engineering trains and the stone train between 2003 and 2009. Also worked at Rugby off and on. She gained additional light clusters as part of remote control shunting trails whilst at Toton in 2012 but this technology was never used in service as far as we know.

Whilst Hinksey yard based at Oxford she starred in Railtour duties on January 2nd 2016's "Mini Tug" tour. 08742 pulled 66001 and 66020 and railtour consist from the yard neck to the reception siding.  A distance of about 1/3 a mile. A line in the book for all aboard!

08742 again featured on passenger trains albeit at the GW centre at Didcot working on May 28th - May 30th 2016 still being a "DB" engine at this time.

 When based at Hinksey Yard, Oxford in Sep 2016 she was one of 24 "redundant" shunters put up for sale by DB. She was reportedly purchased by Harry Needle and loaned to the GW centre at Didcot where she starred on passenger turns again at the GW diesel gala of September 23rd 2017.

So as this fine machine fast approaches her 58th birthday the future looks reasonably secure for 08742 with even more yards across the country for her to work!.

08742 across the network, sample viewings 1972 - 2017.

as 3910 - at Derby Works, 260872

as 08742 at Wellinborough Yard (with 08600 and 08609) 250874

Wellinborough Yard 140875

New St pilot named "Tornado" 120584

Nuneaton yard 300485

Chester 240788

Holyhead 300391

Crewe ED 270393

Northampton 190403

Rugby 180305

Toton 190212 (stored here for 9 months)

Longport (Stoke) 020712

Hoo Jn 290313

Hinksey Yard 131016

GW Didcot 230917

08742 phot spot

04040408742webr.jpg Most will remember the red machine at Northampton, seen here on 040404

23091708742awebr.jpg Working a demonstration freight at Didcot GW on 230917

23091708742b.JPG Looking good in the GW Didcot yard 230917

23091708742c08604r.jpg A popular choice for  passenger shuttles with Didcots resident blue 08604 for company during the afternoon of 230917

11031808742n604webr.jpg Thanks to "MIB" for this photo of 08742 and 08604 on the Didcot GW centre mainline working farewell shuttles on March 11th 2018. 08742 was expected after March 11th's workings to work industrial duties in the Cardiff area

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