1M16 keeps on running, March-Sep 2020

Its been reassuring during lockdown that 1M16, the up Caledonian sleeper from Inverness has continued to run

without interruption. Morning exercise walks coincided with viewing this lengthy 16 coach service several days

a week. I still try to observe this fine train several days a week but as the mornings become darker this routine

will soon cease.

On March 22nd as lockdown started Caledonian sleeper reduced the sleeper service to just one each way with the

16 coach service splitting/joining at Edinburgh with Glasgow and Inverness portions only. As lockdown eased

on July 15th the 2 train sleeper service returned with an Edinburgh - Euston (1M12) load 8 (except Su/We nights

where a full set was used with an ECS portion from Polmadie).

1M16 was reduced to a load 14 service but kept on running with the service splitting/joining at Edinburgh with

portions from Fort William (load 6) and Inverness (load 8).

M16 motive power locally has been predictable in Dellner fitted class 92's working all turns. There has been much

livery variation with GBRf liveried 92020, 92028 and 92043 all working spells. As far as i'm aware Caledonian

sleeper liveried 92006 hasnt featured on 1M16 during lockdown, perhaps its furloughed.

Also looking at the phots below the light and landscape has changed as Spring became Summer and now Autumn.

A sample phot selection below, your advised to get out with that camera around 0710 locally and capture this fine train

passing before darkness renders it impossible till Feb 2021

25032092010webr.jpg With the "nuisance tree" still bare 92010 passes Ledburn on a clear March 25th 2020

27032092018webr.jpg92018 leans into the tight curve at Old Linslade with 1M16 on March 27th 2020. The "tree"

and bridge 139 make up the scene here too.


15042092033webr.jpgLedburn is one of the few local locations where 1M16's hefty load 16 is clear. 92033 is providing

the amps on April 15th 2020


16042092020webr.jpgNice early morning sun at Tunnel Hill as the sometimes troublesome 92020 passes South on 1M16

on April 16th 2020


21042092028webr.jpg92028 has been common on 1M16 during lockdown and is seen here at Ledburn on April 21st 2020


14052092028webr.jpg92028 and consist is reflected by still canal waters at Chelmscote with 1M16 on May 14th 2020


23062092043webr.jpgThe less common 92043 passes Ledburn with 1M16 on a warm, still June 23rd 2020


Still load 16 92018 passes Ledburn on a bright July 10th 2020


27082092020webr.jpgNow reduced to load 14 92020 passes Ledburn with 1M16 on August 27th 2020


14092092028webr.jpgAutumnal mists hover over the Ledburn levels as 92028 (yet again) passes Grovebury Marina

with 1M16 on September 14th 2020



17092092010webr.jpg92010 passes the veg at Old Linslade allotments with 1M16 on September 17th 2020


Hopefully a few more M16 views to follow into October.


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