2017 loco hauled variety

2017 still offers a good variety of loco hauled trains across the country. Trev Rolfe sampled 4 classes in one long day! Whether its Scotland, Cumbrian coast, the ECML, GW sleepers,

the North Wales Coast, Chiltern  and Anglia there are still plenty of loco hauled trains out there to enjoy. Get out there and enjoy!!!

Inverness, 160317

16031767013webr.jpg 67's have been back on 1S25 for some weeks now with 67013 doing nearly all turns. Here 67013 arrives at Inverness with 1S25

Lowerstoft, 280317

28031768003webr.jpg 68003 at Lowerstoft after working the 1005 ex Norwich, 68019 was tailing. These diagrams are now expected to continue for some time

Norwich, 290317

29031790013webr.jpg 90013 at Norwich prior to working the 1630 to Liverpool St

Edinburgh 300317 thanks to Trev Rolfe

30031747739webr.jpg Portion power Sulzer style in 2017. 47739 at Edinburgh with the portion of 1S26 which she had worked from Carstairs. 92018 had worked 1S26 Euston - Glasgow sleeper

Dalmeny 300317 thanks to Trev Rolfe

30031768017webr.jpg 68017 comes off the Forth Bridge into Dalmeny with the 0736 Cardenden - Edinburgh commuter

Carlisle 300317 thanks to Trev Rolfe

30031737401webr.jpg 37401 powers out of Carlisle with the 1435 to Barrow

Leighton Buzzard, 120417

12041792014webr.jpg 92s are now pretty dominant on the Caledonian sleepers. 92014 passes Leighton with 1M16

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