25173’s last runs, Epping Ongar 111014

25173 after working the Epping - Ongar’s intensive diesel turn for most of 2013 was then laid up for 2014.

Overdue her lorry transfer to Shackerstone for a much needed body overhaul she was a last minute replacement

for 33202 at the lines “Southern Gala”.   What is expected to be her last run for a year, she didn’t disappoint!

Small Sulzer thrash across Essex.

Thanks to all at EOR for such a cracking day.

11101445132r.jpg Recently arrived 45132 is now stabled in a better position to view this mighty machine

11101473134r.jpg 73134 shared turns with 25173 producing a very different thrash

11101447635r.jpg 47635 parked up in afternoon light

11101437029r.jpg 37029 with very local headcode

11101425173nwr.jpg 25173 about to head for Ongar

11101425173onr.jpg 25173 about to work her last departure from Ongar before overhaul

11101425173lr.jpg Hopefully she’ll return in pristine condition, shes about to be detached after her last turn

Thanks to all at EOR for such a cracking day.

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