“Teacup” thrash through Greet Tunnel, 261014

A running day for 26043 proved a great day out. Paired up with 24081 for much of the day although the 26 did most of the work all day. The last departure, the 1715 from Cheltenham saw a solo 26043 thrashing East with 24081 dead on the rear.

26101426043ar.jpg 26043 and 240081 await the days start out Toddington

26101426043br.jpg Cheltenham with the classic pair after  a good run  

26101426043cr.jpg Getting the peg during a Cheltenham run round

26101424081.jpg 24081 at Cheltenham, the 24 played a supporting role but did add to the thrash at times

26101426043er.jpg Recreating the scene, 26043 with the 1715 Cheltenham - Toddington or is it the 1715 Wick - Inverness in the 70’s?

Thanks to all at Glos-Warks for a superb day of type 2 action.


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