Every loco tells story, D5360/27014

·         Last ever loco released from a Derby Works classified overhaul  as vacuum braked only

·         Distinctive Derby under the cab window loco numbers

·         Only 27 at a Coalville open day?

·         Only 27 that on passing a certain lineside Fife house allegedly interfered with the TV signal!.

·         Only 27 that had a daily entry in the control log of "today's failure of 27014 occured at .......!.

·         Total state in last few months of service

·         Ned News claims it was an “excellent preservation prospect” – scrapped Oct 87!

·         A 2010 mag claimed 27014 went to Kyle, despite her RETB restrictions, in Jan 85, she didn’t!

27014 emerged new from the BRCW works in November 1961 as D5360. She was allocated to Eastfield and worked a multitude of turns all across Scotland from Stranraer to Mallaig, Inverness to Carlisle. 5360 was renumbered 27014 in January 1974.

Early sightings  

·         Amongst the Eastfield power on 131073 - 5384,5014,6852,8316,5096,8095,8095,5008,5396,5375,5353,5352,,



3728,3417,3894,3395,3889,3391,5365,5327,8024,5403,5127  …58 locos

·         080977Perth – ballast turn

·         190580 -  1240 Inverness-Aberdeen

·         090980 – 2320 Perth – Euston (with 25239)

·         100980 – 1S81 2045 Carlisle-Perth

·         130481 -  Fort William-Mossend freight (with 37027)

27014 caught fire in the Croy area in October 81 and after a winter out of service she was 1 of 6 27’s sent to Derby Works for a classified repair. The severe winter of 1981/2 had taken its toll on many Scottish locos, so presumably this is why Derby rather than Glasgow Works did the overhaul. The intermediate overhaul at Derby was a protracted affair but strangely, dual braking never took place. 27014 starred at the ex-haunt of its younger vo classmates namely Coalville at their Open Day on 050683 and she was finally released from Derby on 220783. The classic Derby type 2 policy of numbers under the cab windows was applied to 27014 making this loco and other Derby machine 27041 instantly recognisable from the bodyside numbers carried by the Glasgow works overhauled 27’s. 27014 was eventually released from Derby Works late July/August 83and was back on those classic type 2 turns like

·         170983 1345 Glasgow-Carlisle

·         200983 1717 Waverly-Dundee

·         100484 1918 Dundee-Glasgow

 January 85 saw severe snow in the Highlands and Far North with a train trapped in snow near Altnabreac overnight. I was lucky enough to be in Scotland a few weeks later where the snow was thick but not falling in blizzards. In view of the severe temperatures steam heat boiler reliability was an obvious issue and where possible “pairs” of locos were used on Far North turns for train heat security. So we had 37/27, 26/27, 26 x 2, and 27 x 2 combos on Far North services. 37114 was in an obvious state with demic RETB and no operative boiler but she had plenty power in her. So for at least 2 days, probably more, she paired up with 27014 who obviously had no RETB, no power, but a very reliable boiler. This unlikely duo had a run to Wick on 280185 and the following day (290185) we were at Dingwall having leapt off 37260/27005 on the 0630 Inverness-Wick/Thurso. The station staff here asked if we planned to do the Kyle forward for the Kyle back from Achnasheen or wherever. Yes we replied, fraid not they advised. “We’re doing a loco swap here, as they not got radio”. So the unlikely duo 37114/27014 soon arrived on the 0655 Inverness-Kyle, my mate flapping because he needed 27014! As advised, after a long wait the 37/27 were removed and moved up to Skye junction. 37025 then arrive light engine from the Kyle direction and dropped on the 0655 Inverness-Kyle stock. 27014/37114 then arrived with the very late 0710 Kyle-Inverness which radio operational 37025 had worked to Skye Jn. On the short run to Muir my mate hung out, despite the cold to try and confirm the 27 was doing anything. I bailed at Muir as 26040/27054 were on the next up Far North. A memory I’ll never forget was seeing the pair leave Muir with just boiler clag coming from the 27. Much growling from the 37. The 27/37 combo then did the same with the mid morning Kyle so claims in a 2010 Mag that “27014 “may” have got to Kyle” on 290185 are dud, Derby finest never got beyond Dingwall!


·         290185 0655 Inverness-Kyle (to Dingwall with 37114)

·         290185 0710 Kyle-Inverness (ex Dingwall with 37114)

·         010785 1520 Edinburgh-Dundee

·         250785 1S40 0513 Euston - Stranraer Vans from Carlisle

By 1986 a leading comic on every mention of this sole vb machine claimed it was an “excellent preservation prospect”, ie fairly fresh from works and being vacuum only of limited use to the railway, as by 1986 as the class declined in numbers and available turns. The class 27 loco group’s Circuit Issue 2 has a page of 27014’s antic’s in May 86 showing by now the loco was a bit of a state…2 examples from May 86 below.

·         180586 “1720 2J57 Edinburgh-Dundee in true 27014 tradition, it shut down 4 times en route”, dragged to HA

·         190586 allocated 1615 Edinburgh-Dundee but failed on shed!...”excellent preservation prospect?”

·         250686 I was on 27042 on the 0930 Dundee-Edinburgh which failed at Inverkeithing. 27014 was on ballast in the yard just to the North and we hoped for an assist. It is likely the 27 was on a local working only restriction as rescue came from a shove duff all the way from Haymarket! This was my last ever sighting of the old girl,

·         090886 1350 Perth-Glasgow – worked OK

·         150886 1630 Dundee-Waverly – last passenger working

·         200886 on decision, withdrawn 080986

·         291086 dragged HA-ED for bogie replacement for 27024

October 87 saw the “excellent preservation prospect” scrapped at Vic Berrys, the legend being laid to rest.

27014 phot spot

27088337109n27014.jpg 27014 and 37109 at the blocks at Glasgow Central, with the 0732 ex Stranraer on 270883. 27014 had kept shutting down and was assisted from Elderslie North Jn by 37109 off a freight. Ta to "MA" for phot and gen.

29018527014.jpg         27014 and 37114 arrive at Dingwall with the 0710 Kyle-Inverness (after 37025 was removed off the 0710 Kyle-Inverness) at Skye Jn to work the 0655 Inverness-Kyle forward on a wintry 290185.

Thanks to Circuit, Dave Spencer, “PB”, “SC” for the gen without which… .

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