"Sister Dora" remembered, Part 2

Following from our earlier feature some more "Sister Dora" memories

Bletchley parcels dock, 280489 thanks to Mark Beal

28048931530r.jpg A tired looking blue 31430 Sister Dora on vans in the bay at BY facing north on the evening of  28 April 1989.


Bletchley HS, 100890 thanks to Mark Beal

10089031530r.jpg A smart grey 31530 Sister Dora with cast numberplates on BY stabling point on 10 August 1990..


Also from "Driver Phil" another unusual "Sister Dora" passenger working..


On August 22nd 1985 31430 deputised for the booked 47 on the mid week Marylebone - Stratford on Avon dinex special. Load 9 saw much noise in the tunnels leaving Marylebone

and was steady over Saunderton Bank. ....Class 31s on passenger from Marylebone are  rare.

On September 26th 1989 31430 deputised for the booked DMU on the 1650 Birmingham NS - Hereford


"Sister Dora" the second coming...


Bescot based Infrastructure sector 37116 was named "Sister Dora" in February 96. The loco moved to various depots incl Eastleigh and was stored here in Sep 01. Preservation followed in 2006 with the loco based at our local Chinnor and Princes Risborough railway.

This popular loco starred at several diesel galas and famously rescued a failed 8568 at Thame Jn in April 2011. The loco left Chinnor with  a spell at the Mid Norfolk and is now a "Colas" machine currently under restoration so "Sister Dora II" may return to Bescot again in 2016....


Monk Fryston, 241097  thanks to Mark Beal


24089737116n071r.jpg 37116 Sister Dora leads 37071 at Monk Fryston, Milford Junction on 24 October 1997 working the 0837 Tees Yard - Etruria loaded steel.


Warrington BQ, 120399  thanks to Mark Beal



12039937116r.jpg 37116 Sister Dora on an engineers working at Warrington Bank Quay on 12 March 1999


Crianlarich, 240799  thanks to Mark Beal


24079937116n114r.jpg 37116 Sister Dora stands alongside 37114 City of Worcester at Crainlarich on 24 July 1999.



Mark comments "37114 + 37023 had been working Mercia Charter's' 'The Tiberius Kirk' which originated from Northampton behind 37165 + 37013. 37023 had failed near to Tulloch on the Fort William - Oban leg resulting in 37114 having to single handedly work up out of Oban to Crianlarich. 37116 Sister Dora had been sent light from Motherwell to meet 37114 at Crianlarich. 37114 + 37116 then worked THROUGHOUT from Crianlarich - Rugby via Glasgow Central Low Level. I was on board and did that make one hell of a noise. The charter only ran as far as Rugby due to engineering work around Northampton. Buses were laid on to ferry passengers back to Northampton. A truly memorable charter".


Chinnor, 030607


03060737116bwebr.jpg Crowd puller!. 37116 at Chinnor with a Thame Jn service


Chinnor, 111008


11100837116bwebr.jpg 37116 after a good thrash in the morning sun at Chinnor.


And finally!

260409birdwebr.jpg Bowled !!!


Any more "Sister Dora" memories to follow?


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