The last of the "magnicent seven" stands down, March 30th 2016


321414 was transferred Northampton - Ilford on Sep 20th 2015 on loan to LOROL. The unit repainted in white TfL livery was a regular on Romford - Upminster services from October 2015.


The final day with LOROL was 300316,. where she worked all day starting with 2V02 0611 Romford - Upminster ending with 2V59 1954 Upminster - Romford (56 single trips as booked!)

She was transferred 5Z22 1320 Ilford - Doncaster, 310316.


321411/412/416 now operating in Strathclyde as 3 car 320411/412/416 still in LM green.


321413,414,415 and 417 are all now at Doncaster for reforming for Strathclyde usage, will 320414 carry TFL livery to Glasgow Central!  


Romford,  300316


300316321414pmr.jpg 321414 gleams in the afternoon sun prior after working the 1354 from Upminster, 300316. 414 was still carrying Adverts for "Abbey line walks"!


Upminster, 300316  


300316321414upr.jpg "Red Cow's" final parting view of 321414 at Upminster prior to working the 1924 to Romford, 300316. Within 18 hours the unit was en route to Doncaster for conversion to a 320 and a new career based in Glasgow.


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