More 33207 gen, thanks to "TC"


The saturday night 23.01 Manchester - Gatwick in 1985 was booked for a "slim" from Mitre Bridge to Gatwick. I had 33207 on this on 21.09.85 although it was 22.09.85 when the crompton got on the front. 


There were a few farces with this train that summer, it ended up in Euston one sunday morning and on at least one occasion the driver took the wrong loco from Redhill, a standard working the train that morning instead of the hoped for "slim". I had a good record on that train with three out of three, 33202, 33207 and 33210. Only 33202 was a winner though.


33207 worked the last timetabled 11.16 Crewe - Holyhead / 14.08 Holyhead - Cardiff on 27.09.1986, although being the last summer saturday most people were elsewhere. I was working that day but had done the train on the thursday (25.09) when it was 33046.


On 09.08.91, and painted in trainload freight grey, it worked the 07.00 (or similar) Waterloo - Exeter. I am not sure if it worked throughout or came on part way, but I was out and was given the gen that it was working back with the 11.55 Exeter - Waterloo. Furthest I could get was Templecombe, courtesy of 47703 on the 11.00 Waterloo - Exeter. 33207 produced and I settled back for a run to the blocks. Sadly the man with the gloves produced at Salisbury, with 47716 going forward. 

09089133207r.jpg After the "man with the gloves" had unfortunately intervened, 33207 has come off the 1155 Exeter - Waterloo at Salisbury on 090891

A "TC" phot.



On 28.05.11 and now in a faded coat of WCRC, it tailed 37229 around much of the North East with Spitfire Railtours "Growling Gerodie III". The crompton did work from Forth Banks Sidings back into Newcastle, all of about half a mile. 


28051133207r.jpg In faded WCRC livery 33207 at Newcastle after breifly powering the "Growling Geordie" on 280511. A "TC" phot.


Thanks to "TC" for the additional 33207 information

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