Every loco tells a story, 37183/37884 remembered

From West Wales to Wick,  this fine EE machine had a BR career that took her over much of the BR network but until very recently was a rare bird locally. She may have worked the Wolverton ARC, when Landore based in the early 80's, but as yet not confirmed.

After Metal sector ownership, then EWS, this loco went to Spain to assist with new line construction there.  Bought by Europhoenix on return and now an operable Rail Operations Group machine the former 37183 now 37884 is now a regular site locally often dragging Ramsgate based units to and from Derby via the Bedford - Bletchley branch  and WCML through Leighton.

Long may it continue!

Sample workings and a few notes..

New to Landore 071163, renumbered 37183 in March 74.

37183 1435 Fishguard H - Swansea  180374

37183  1510 Cardiff – Crewe 161275

37183 viewed on Landore on 041076.

This was on my journey to Swansea Uni for 3 enjoyable years where my liking for the 37's, especially the boilered workhorses like 37183 increased immensely.


37183 Swansea - Cardiff parcels 021176

37183 stabled Swindon 151276

37183 1423 Swansea - Cardiff 190177

37183  1705 Newport - Swansea 190177

37183 on Landore on a day when 1013/1023 were getting all the fuss! 260277

37183 1810 Swansea - Carmarthen 260178

bashed to Gowerton (5.5 miles), a winner!

37183 return 1810 Clifton Down - Swansea "monkeyex" 230878

An excellent Thomas Harper phot of said Monkey ex here

37183 1B82 2125 Swansea - Bristol (ex CF) 050578

37183 1C00 0114 Bristol - Milford H (to SWS) 060578

transferred to Inverness Apr 82

37183  2K03 0640 Inverness-Wick    020883           

2K08 1055 Inverness - Kyle 190984

37183}1Z25 1700 Cardiff-Wick Charter       Inverness - Georgemas Jn 040585



Famously paired up with 37264 with the RESL Sutherland Highlander Railtour working Inverness- Wick and back.  At Georgemas Jn rioutous scenes occured much more gen more here:


transferred to Eastfield Jan 86

1Y13 1220 Glasgow QS - Oban 120886

renumbered 37884 as Railfrieght metals sector in Nov 88

2O38 1632 Cardiff - Rhymney 050598

transferred to Spain in 0801, renumbered L34, returned from Spain in 2007, stored TO.

37884 5Q58 Derby - Ramsgate EMU drag (via Bedford - Bletchley and WCML) 191215

the first of many such drags


37884 dragging 86701/86213/86702 from Willesden to Leicester for export to Bulgaria preparation work 040316.

A unique turn.


37884 paired up with ROG classmate 37800 worked a Derby - Worcester SH railtour via the Marches andd beyond on 231016.

37183/884 phot spot

04058537183n264webr.jpg 37183 leads 37264 during a photo stop at Rogart with the

epic RESL "Sutherland Highlander" Railtour on 040585

 37884ncanswebr.jpg An unusual turn for 37884 was to drag 86701/86213/86702 from Willesden to Leicester for onward export to Bulgaria. Seen at Ledburn on 040316

37884n800tourwebr.jpg Thanks to "Red Cow" for this railtour view of 37800 and 37884 at Hereford on 231016

31101637884n47812webr.jpg 37884 is dragged South through Leighton by her new ROG blue Sulzer fleetmate on 311016

06111637884375906webr.jpg Back to her usual duty 37884 drags 375906 North through a rainy Leighton with a Ramsgate - Derby transfer move on 061116

And finally a link to a cracking phot of 37183 in South Wales in 1983 here

Any more  6883/37183/37884 memories to share?

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