377708  goes "pop", Wednesday January 25th 2017

377708 arrived just a few minutes down around 0755 at Leighton station on 2M09 0638 Clapham Jn - M.Keynes. The train was eventually cancelled here and the pantograph dropped and the down slow blocked.

Rescue came an hour or so later with 377703 on 2M11 0739 Clapham Jn - M.Keynes which off loaded its no doubt happy passengers at Tring. 377703 then ran ECS to a foggy Leighton (no detonators to protect broken 377) and eventually coupled to the failed unit

377703 dragging broken 377708 then departed South wrong line around 0956 as 5M11 regaining the up slow at Ledburn and running ECS to Selhurst.

A peak hour down slow blockage caused delays including 92044 on the down China Clays which was already 2 hours down before the 377 farce.

Phot spot

250117377703ar.jpg 377703 arrives at Leighton to await instructions from the failed units driver

250117377708ar.jpg 377703 eases up to the failed unit

250117377sr.jpg 377's about to couple at Leighton.

25011792044webr.jpg Caught up in the farce was 92044 on the Dollands Moor - Irvine china clays seen here avoiding the failure on the down fast just South of a very foggy Leighton

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