40106 steaming at the Severn Valley, Sat Nov 24th 2018

Well it makes a nice change, a solid 40 turn in Winter just 2 hours or so from Leighton,

something we didnt have in the 80's even in Summer. 40106 worked the usual diesel turn

1135 Kidderminster - Bridgnorth

1325 Bridgnorth - Kidderminster

1535 Kidderminster - Bridgnorth

1725 Bridgnorth - Kidderminster

With a decent load of heavy Stanier post war stock, 40106 was steaming nicely and being thrashed at every

possible opportunity it was a cracking day out. Hopefully 40106 will steam through early 2019 and beyond!

24111840106Awebr.jpg40106 whistling away nicely a good while before departure with the 1135 ex Kidderminster

24111840106Bwebr.jpg40106 steamed superbly all day the heat rattling the coaches pipes. She did have her boiler topped

up after every trip, something the SVR is well catered for with plenty water cranes.


24111840106Cwebr.jpg40106 running round at Bridgnorth


24111840106Dwebr.jpg40106 approaches the semaphores at Bridgnorth prior to working the 1325 Kidder


24111840106Ewebr.jpgAfter a superb run on the 1725 Bridgnorth - Kidder 40106 rests at the blocks


24111840106Fwebr.jpgA parting view of 40106 before returning to the rancid railway home with its usual Saturday night delays and farces.


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