A 40 to Norwich, Saturday July 16th 1983


With thanks to “Tamworth Castle” for the memories and July 83 phots.


One of the highlights of 1983 for us “southern” men, was the summer Saturday’s Manchester – Yarmouth which was booked for a “40” as far as Norwich. From Bedford we used to get the 0710 bus over to Cambridge (a Bristol VR for those interested) and then buy an Anglian Day Ranger, which gave us Peterborough – Norwich/Yarmouth, Norwich – Ipswich, Kings Lynn –Audley End and points in between.


It was Saturday July 16th 1983, 0830 in the morning, and I was at Cambridge (via the bus) . My booked move off Cambridge was usually 1M66 0903 Cambridge – Birmingham which could be either a 31’1 or a 31’4. Today it didn’t disappoint with 31125 doing the honours. This was taken to Peterborough for 1E62 0804 Birmingham – Yarmouth which was usually an NB 47 as far as Norwich. Today it was 47341 which was done back to March.


A bit of a fester at March, usually saw us go up to the depot, to se what was on shed. This was usually a good mix of 31’s, 37’s, a couple of 47’s, maybe a 40 and a pair of 20’s if you were lucky. Back at the station, in rolled in 40129 with 1E34 0815 Manchester – Yarmouth, and this was taken as far as Norwich. Here the expected 31217 dropped on the other end to take it forward to Yarmouth, We had seen 31217 earlier on 1E83 0739 Chesterfield – Yarmouth, the diagram  being whatever does the “Chesterfield” into Norwich takes the “Manchester” forward.


Trev Rolfe's classic March depot line up of 37036, 31101, 31207 and 40195 back on 260383



 Northern workhorse on the fueling road at Norwich on 160783 after working the 0815 Manchester - Yarmouth to Norwich on 160783


A quick platform leap at Yarmouth saw us coming straight back out on 31256 with the returning 1E06 1346 Yarmouth – Chesterfield. So far I had 5 winners out of 5 locos, which wasn’t bad!  The usual move was to stay on 1E06 through to Peterborough, but when dud 31312 backed on, I got off! If 1E06 was dud the move was usually to wait for 40129 to work back. Eventually in rolled 31217 with 1M74 1434 Yarmouth – Manchester, 40129 backed on and I did it back as far as March.

 40129 at March with the return 1434 Yarmouth-Manchester, 160783



I made 31145 at March on 1P09 1641 Peterborough – Ipswich. This was one of a pair of loco hauled trains that ran between Peterborough, Ipswich and Harwich; although usually 31’4’s when I was there. 31145 was done to Ely for a unit to Cambridge. The King’s Lynn/Cambridge – Liverpool Street’s were still solid boilered turns. 37084 was on the 1750 Cambridge – Liverpool St, so I did this to Audley End for 47115 back to Cambridge on the 1735 off Liverpool Street. I finished off with a unit back up to Ely to make 47019 on the 1904 Kings Lynn – Cambridge in order to make the 2045 bus back to Bedford.     


And just 2 weeks earlier, …. …………………….


G06 produces!, Sunday July 3rd 1983


Some decent power out on this Sunday with something for everyone perhaps:


47355}  1100 Euston - Wolves (Nuneaton - New St)


56098  1200 Euston - Wolves (Nuneaton - New St)

46014  1425 Bristol TM - Leeds

47056  1655 Birmingham - Norwich

31257}   1548 Padd - Liverpool (Padd-New St)


31170}   1836 Birmingham - Norwich



But for many, 40129 on G06 (1425 Manchester - Birmingham) was the highlight!


 G06 produces!, 40129 whistles into Wolves with the 1425 Manchester - Birmingham NS, 030783


 Much jubilation as the “split box” arrives!


 Beast!, 40129 on arrival at New St


Any  more 40129 memories to share?


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