40145 returns to local haunts, Friday September 25th 2020

The emotive sound of a 40 working hard on the climb up to Tring returned on Friday 25th

and bloody hellfire it was too. Some phots below, 40145 is expected to return on the rear of

the Euston - Crewe ECS early on September 28th with 90001 powering

25092040145olwebr.jpg"TC" was on hand at Old Linslade to see the Crewe - Euston ECS pass

25092040145ledwebr.jpgNote the Royal train headcode as 40145 powers South through Ledburn with 90001 tailing the 7 coach rake

25092040145ljawebr.jpgThe clag shows 40145 was working hard

25092040145euswebr.jpgRobin Morel caught 40145 at the blocks of platform 16 at Euston

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