Where have all the 40's gone, Saturday April 2nd 1983

Its Easter Saturday and the "long drags" are on. With all Scotch services being dragged from Preston to

Carlisle via the Settle and Carlisle there was much 40 action expected so there were high hopes as we headed

North on "Can" 86239. A Crewe bail for a "Roveaway" ticket purchase then another "can" in 86249 to Preston on

the following train. At Preston there were reasonable crowds of bashers but little solid gen apart from a "theres

no 40's out" claim.

Perhaps a sign of the day to follow with 47541(ED) being attached to the rear of my train at Preston to

drag the "Scotch" forward. With the train well on the move a Jock leapt from the moving train, his travel bag

being thrown ahead of him. A basher shut the flailing door! He dusted himself down, muttering "damn wrong train"....

He wasn't on the wrong train though, just unaware of the diversion!, not that we told this wild chap! I festered on a

parcels barrow at Preston and some time later totally bored and deflated by a procession of eh 47s on everything and

numb by an icy wind i decided i had to do something.

02048347541webr.jpg47541 takes the 0810 Birmingham - Glas/Edin from Preston via the S n C 0020483

02048347518webr.jpg47518 takes 1S47 0745 Euston - Glasgow from Preston via the S n C 020483

So with nothing of quality power wise around i jumped on a required 47565 on an additional to Blackpool.

Total despair was inflicted on me at Blackpool 20 minutes or so later, with the following Euston - Blackpool whistling

in behind 40028. Unfortunately this fine machine was also very much required, i had already flagged "Samaria" off

through gritted teeth on the 2354 Blackpool train with no return in March, prior to the "Silver Jubilee" tour. One

of the Preston bashers advised 40028 should return on the 1840 Blackpool - Crewe so an evening bash behind 028 was likely.

02048340028webr.jpgBowled! 40028 at Blackpool after unexpectedly working the 0805 ex Euston from Preston, 020483

47556 appeared from nowhere to work the return Euston with 86249 taking the train forward from Preston.

A Warrington bail where it was now grey, freezing cold and the local air aromatic! I flagged off the Manchester - Bangor

which at least had some eh variety with 45129. Spirits then lifted big time that the Bangor - Manchester was delayed by a

"loco failure".

A change in fortune perhaps as the delay lengthened and that familiar big 40 nose came off the bridge with not just

a rake of MkI's but a "rat" in tow too! The front 2 coaches were crammed with bashers and the driver wound up 40177 up a

good bit for that all too short run to Manchester Victoria. On arrival one basher made a truly desperate leap onto 47108 on

the Barrow, it was moving at the time, as were we! 40177 was quickly dispatched to Newton Heath and the dead "rat" in

25284 started up! This too was dispatched away at great speed, a "rat" I never had. (Some of the "it's wheels were going round"

brigade probably counted it anyway!) The gen was that 47492 had failed on the outward 0745 Man Vic - Bangor which was

terminated at Llandudno Jn, with 25284 working from the Jn to Chester in the path of the 1145 ex Bangor return working.

The forwarding driver from Chester apparently didn't sign "rats" (yerrrrrr, right) so 40177 was kicked out.

02048340177n25284warr.jpg40177 and a dead 25284 arrive at Warrington BQ with the late running 1149 Bangor-

Manchester Victoria on 020483


02048340177n25284r.jpg40177 and 25284 on the approach to Manchester Victoria, 020483

The returning Bangor sadly got a bland, boilered 47189, which i did to Warrington. A leap here then a short wait

for the Liverpool - Barrow which was no surprise in getting 47519. Some more bowl out gen followed at Preston in that

40152 had worked a return S and C drag through the snowy Pennines after an eh 47 had burst.

The only reasonable move to rake in 40028's Blackpool - Crewe was a DMU from Preston. After the morning fiasco

i again checked the North end to confirm there were no "nb's" hovering. So ten or so bashers joined the late DMU and bailed

at Poulton to be sure of making 40028. With the road set by Poulton's impressive semaphores for the 40 and 1500 Euston -

Blackpool. Yet another withering was to follow when 25044 burbled in on the Euston - Blackpool! 25044 like 40028 earlier

had appeared from nowhere!

The "rat" also just made 40028 who was steaming her Mk II pv's and put in a storming run across the levels back to

Preston. 28 sounded superb whistling away under the high roof here before being replaced by a "can". I leapt for the "Clansman"

for 87014, the first "seven" of my day home. On the run home to dwell on a day of highs and lows but thats perhaps what

bashing was all about.

02048340028prewebr.jpgThe 40 men look on as the driver rejoins 40028 at Preston with the 1840

Blackpool - Crewe, 020483


The Moves

092 0559 Euston-Birmingham Leighton Buzzard -M.Keynes

86239 1H04 0650 Euston-Manchester Milton Keynes - Crewe

86249 1S53 0810 Birmingham-Glas/Edin Crewe - Preston

47565 1103 Preston-Blackpool N Addit Preston - Blackpool

47556 1A55 1233 Blackpool-Euston Blackpool - Preston

86249 1A55 1233 Blackpool-Euston Preston - Warrington BQ

40177} 1J30 1149 Bangor-Manchester Warrington BQ- Man Vic

25284 }(d)


47189 1D21 1545 Manchester-Bangor Man Vic - Warrington BQ

86232 1P63 1405 Euston-Carlisle Warrington BQ - Wigan NW

47519 1P33 1614 Liverpool-Barrow Wigan NW - Preston

DMU 1615 Man Vic-Blackpool Preston - Poulton

40028 1K33 1840 Blackpool-Crewe Poulton - Preston

87014 1M42 1035 Inverness-Euston Preston - Watford Jn

046 2202 Euston-Birmingham Watford Jn - L.Buzzard


Other Gen

25044 1P70 1500 Euston - Blackpool

40028 1P18 0805 Euston - Blackpool

40152 1M20 1010 Glasgow - Euston "Royal Scot" Carlisle - Preston!!

40152 1S59 1245 Euston - Glasgow Preston - Carlisle

45129 1D57 1345 Man Vic - Bangor

47541 1S53 0810 Birmingham-Glas/Edin

47565 1228 Blackpool-Leicester Relief

86252 1011 Preston-Birmingham

47534 1E53 1505 Liverpool-Scarborough

47436 1P06 0915 Liverpool-Barrow

87035 1S47 0745 Euston-Glasgow

47518 1S47 0745 Euston-Glasgow

47455 1S46 0955 Liverpool-Edin/Glas

47108 1P27 1513 Man Vic - Barrow

47402 1M26 1300 Scarborough - Liverpool

47203 1J22 1349 Bangor - Man Vic

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