46026 "The Leicestershire and Derbyshire Yeomanry" remembered

Thanks to Dave Spencer, Scott Currie and Ian Saunders for their help with the gen.


Personal memories

In the early 70's D163 and D165 were familiar visitors to Luton. 163 was memorable as she was the only named 46 and along with fellow classmate 165 retained green livery much later than their class 45 cousins. 163 was viewed at Bristol Temple Meads on August 22nd 1971 but she still continued to visit the local area until a probable final local MGR working through Luton on December 10th 1982.

My first haulage was a mere 6.4 miles from Gloucester to Cheltenham on 1510 Plymouth - Manchester back on February 25th 1978. Proper "Marches" mileage followed on March 11th 1978 with "LADY" bashed throughout on the classic overnight 1V51 0147 Crewe - Cardiff.


My final haulage was with 46026 was a late substitute for  a 40 on the Derby - Newcastle leg of RESL's epic "Grampian Highlander" tour from St Pancras to Dufftown on the Friday night 16th November 1984. Initial disappointment of no 40, was lost with was  a fast and loud departure from Derby.

I slept through the Newcastle tour stop where 31175/31106 replaced the 46. 46026's last service train duty was over as she ran light to Gateshead. Official withdrawal for 46026  came a few days later.     


Loco history

Derby built D163 was named "Leicestershire and Derbyshire Yeomanry" just prior to her

service introduction on April 18th 1962. 163 was Midland depot based and a Luton regular until transfer to Bristol in May 71. 163 was renumbered 46026 on 3rd February 1974. Even as a Western based machine she continued to visit the local area on occasions even when becoming a Laira machine in May 1977.


The loco was stored in Sep 1980 but reinstated as a Gateshead machine in November 1980. She was to remain a Gateshead pet loco until sadly withdrawn on 27th November 84. Ongoing traction motor issues bringing her final demise. After leaving Gateshead for the final time, Tyne Yard became her temporary resting place from December 4th 1984 before she was then dragged to Doncaster works with her quickly cut up between January and March 85. Her nameplates remain however with preserved Great Central Loughborough machine 45125 proudly carrying the  "Leicestershire and Derbyshire Yeomanry" into 2018 and beyond...  


Freight turns

As an air braked, boilered machine 163/46026 spent much of her life on freight turns especially in the 1980's. Some sample freight turns worked by 46026 are:

6B64 1302 Plymouth Friary - Exeter Riverside 140676

4E62 Beeston FLT - Darlington 160181

9P52 Tyne Yard - Carlisle Kingmoor unfitted freight 190381

6E70 Llandarcy (Swansea) - Gainsborough oil empties 250981

Daw Mill - Rugby coal 010482

6O73 Tyne Yard - Ridham dock MGR (to Brent) 101282

6V06 Healey Mills - Severn Tunnel Jn steel 190784

4S68 Beeston FLT - Coatbridge FLT 190984

6S41 Haverton Hill - Leith Docks "ammonia" tanks 200984

Passenger/mail/Parcel turns

1V51 0147 Crewe - Cardiff (passenger and mail) 110378

3V46 2200 Leeds - Bristol TM vans 140881

1M41 2150 York - Shrewsbury (mail and passenger) 011282

Passenger turns ( a tiny selection!)

0655 Nottingham - St Pancras 180764

0710 Newcastle -Swansea 121269

0840 Leeds - Edinburgh 220372

1D06 0930 St Pancras - Nottingham 030273

1E16 1710 Liverpool - Newcastle 171073

Link here for much more 1710 Liverpool - Newcastle gen!

1E16 remembered

2B41 1739 Taunton - Bristol TM 140676

1015 Birmingham - Norwich (probably to Leicester) 281077

1A62 1133 Newcastle - Kings X relief 020181

1S80 2000 Kings X - Aberdeen (to Edin) 300781

1A40 2100 Newcastle - Kings X 200282

1M21 1210 Sheffield - St Pancras 080482

1M41 2150 York - Shrewsbury "Mails" 011282

09088346026webr.jpg Thanks to "TC" for this view of 46026 leaving Derby with the 0913 Paignton - Leeds relief on 090883


1B25 1345 Penzance - Bristol 230384

1V48 2030 Newcastle - Newquay (to Plymouth) 060784

1V49 1420 York - Plymouth Relief (probable final service train) 021184

"Football Special" (footex) turns

A small sample of many worked..

Birmingham Moor St - Swindon o/w footex 130173

Liverpool - Leeds o/w footex 150375

Kings X - Middlesborough o/w footex 200980

York - Bristol o/w footex 030384

Railtour turns...

Bedford Bricker  291083

worked Swindon - Plymouth leg of returning tour.

Last Train to Consett - 170384

worked Newcastle - Tyne Yard - Consett High Yard (and back)

Class 46 Tribute - 170684

worked Liverpool St - Gospel Oak -Willesden Jn - Clapham Jn - Tulse Hill - Wooking - Soton - Weymouth - Eastleigh. Then Portsmouth H - Hove - Gatwick Apt - NLL - Liverpool St

Lynn Liner - class 46 farewell 031184..

worked Plymouth -Bristol TM - Birmingham NS - Leicester - Peterborough - Ely N Jn - Kings Lynn. then Cambridge - Hitchin - Finsbury Pk - Stratford - NLL - Willesden Jn -

Acton Wells - Woking - Guildford - Reading - Newbury - Taunton - Plymouth


Grampian Highlander 161184

worked Derby - Sheffield - York - Newcastle leg of the St Pancras - Dufftown "Grampian Highlander" RESL tour on 161184

On shed

Laira Open day 230972

Cardiff Canton 289476

Millerhill 111178

York depot 210479

Cricklewood depot 250481

12128146026n001webr.jpg Thanks again to "TC" for this view of 46026 and 46001 awaiting the road into Bristol Bath Road on a wintry 121281

Finsbury Park 221082

Crewe Works Open day 020684

Final turns

unknown overnight freight turn to Severn Tunnel Jn 151184

worked light engine Severn Tunnel Jn - Derby for tour duty 161184

worked Derby - Newcastle leg of St Pancras - Dufftown "Grampian Highlander" RT 161184

light engine to Gateshead early 171184, withdrawn 271184

dragged to Tyne Yard for storage then dragged to Doncaster Works for cutting

Final fate

Sadly withdrawn at Gateshead depot on 27th November 84. Ongoing traction motors issues bringing her final demise. Tyne Yard became her temporary resting place from December 4th 1984 before she was then dragged to Doncaster works with her quickly cut up between January and March 85. And so the legend of the widely roaming 46026 "LADY" was finally over.

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