47328 loco tale

1809 was delivered new from Brush Loughborough Jan 65 to D16 (Toton), then renumbered 47328 0474 and after 22 years as a Midland stalwart, 47328 was transferred to Stratford in 1087, then Scotland to Eastfield 0990, then Tinsley 0392 . 47328 was renumbered 47396 (3/94-95 only), back as 47328 she was withdrawn on 0998 with the final cut at Booths in 0905.

150783473280805popwebr.jpg47328 New St, 150783

Sample sightings and memories down the years....

1809 down light engine at Hathern, N of Loughborough 270365

1809 3M35 up liners at Shap 010667

1809 1745 Windermere - Blackpool N (ex Preston) 020868

1809 at Carnforth shed 051068

along with 45390(k), 45394 (k), 45342 (k), 44758(k), 44963(k), 45200(k), 44709(k)

44597(k), 61306(k), 6441(k), 42085 (k), 75048(k), 75019(k), 45134 (k),45310(k), 75009(k),

215, 1939, 5286, 5238, 5252, 5255, 5272, 7509, 7623, 8511, 8522

Our 47 shared the depot with various kettles, rats, and even 2 Claytons that October day

1809 8F20 Cricklewood - Wellinborough coals 201172

1809 Northfleet - Dunstable (from Luton) cement portions 170773

47328 0830 Padd - Paignton 260774

47328 and 45071 Northfleet - Welbeck Coll MGR empties 261177

47328 1320 Weymouth - Derby 100678

47328 1G24 0940 Euston - Wolves and other Nuneaton drags 240880

Thanks to "TC" for these special 47328 memories from September 6th 1980.

Like many others that started off spotting and then made the transition into bashing, I had a few entries in the Locoshed book with an "H" or a"P" to denote haulage or pulled by. This used to suffice when you were spotting, but as a basher, it was always nice to have the gen on the actual working.


A while back I managed to get the gen on a working from 1980....


Saturday September 6th 1980 to be exact. I had 47328 for haulage. I knew the date, and that it was had between Sheffield and Derby.


There are a few sites which list passenger workings, one being "sulzerpower.com", and they had it down as working 1M70 07.05 Glasgow - Nottingham.


A call to "Driver Phil", who has a collection of BR timetables revealed the following times:


Glasgow Central 07.05, Kilmarnock 07.37, Kirkconnel 08.07, Dumfries 08.37, Annan 09.00, Carlisle 09.27/09.30, Appleby 10.08, Settle 10.59, Skipton 11.18, Keighley 11.28, Leeds 11.52/12.05, Rotherham 12.47, Sheffield 13.01/13.05, Chesterfield 13.23, Derby 13.52/13.54, Long Eaton 14.05, Nottingham 14.17.


A bit more digging revealed this to be the day of Derby Loco works open day. I can remember a day where me and Andy Weymes went up to Sheffield, did Tinsley, (I remember walking down the lines of locos and copping 45039, which just left me needing 45031 and 45017. 45039 was stored the following month, and this was the only time I saw it). Back to Sheffield for a train to Derby to "do" the loco works, which was open for around three hours in the afternoon.


A search on "rail-gen archive" reveals that 45138 was the 06.43 St. Pancras - Sheffield via Derby that morning, which I guess was our train north. 45/1's not really being noteworthy to your average MML spotter.


The final part of the puzzle was this fantastic image by Paul Braybrook on flickr, which shows 47328 at Derby that afternoon. The angle of the sun gives this away as an afternoon shot, and the train being in platform 3 is noteable. Most NE/SW workings would use platform 4.


I would like to say thanks to "Sulzerpower.com.", "Driver Phil", "The Rail-Gen archive", and Paul Braybook. Without their gen, this article would not have been possible. Not forgetting the late Andy Weymes for his company on what was no doubt an entertaining day out! 




47328 1M70 0705 Glasgow - Nottingham 060980

47328 1M03 0805 Portsmouth - Manchester 150783

A pathetic 18.92 miles was my total ever mileage behind 47328! Leaping off the 310 at Coventry M03 often produced "nb" as it was booked an engine of a liner apparently. Well 47328 was to my only line in the book that day and looking back perhaps she was a rareish cow!

150783473280805popwebr.jpg47328 at New St about to come off after working the 0805 Portsmouth - Manchester North on July 15th 1983. A huddle of bashers work out the next move too!

47328 1246 Portsmouth H - Leeds (to BNS) 170884

47328 0815 Yarmouth - Liverpool 280686

47328 Ripple Lane - Leyton engineers

47328 6B80 Millerhill - Oxwellmains cement 151190

47328 1135 Inverness - Edinburgh 300791

47328 6H90 0950 Mossend - Inverness freight 130892

47328 as 47396 at Ipswich loco sidings off a liner 100795

47328 6O95 Washwood Heath - Dollands Moor cars 110497

47328 HST assist 1M41 1716 Bournemouth - Manchester from Leamington 200597-

last passenger working,


47328 withdrawn 0998


47328 cut at Booths 0905


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