66714 brings the wires down, April 10th 2017

Whilst working 6X41 0330 Dagenham Docks - Garston loaded cars 66714 hit hanging ovverheads on the DS in the Stoke Road bridge area just North of Linslade tunnel. Despite still being completely dark, on realising the situation, 66714 was quickly brought to a halt just before footbridge 139 at Old  Linslade.

At the same time (0535) 2B00 0538 Bletchley - Euston was caught up in the immediate issolation and was delayed 50 minutes as a result. This all rather messed up the rush hour, the DS being closed until 0700 the next day, the up slow closed from 1200-1500 for safe access.

A 14 foot section of wire was strewn over the front and underneath the loco and more downed sections were reportedly on the car roof's on the rear of the train.

66714 and car train was moved North to recess in Bletchley loop around 1530, but presumably because a full  isolation was needed, which happened overnight it wasnt until 0700 the next day that normal services resumed  ..

10041766714ar.jpg A long section of wire remains attached to the "shed"

10041766714br.jpg 350105 passes the now shut down 66717 at Old Linslade

10041766714cr.jpg Network Rail engineers arrive to remove the offending wire, 66714 left an hour or so later

10041766156r.jpg Creating the impression of a freight hot spot 66156 passes 6X41 with the Daventry bound water bottles on the down fast line.

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