86259 returns, Autumn 2015

Recent late September jaunts behind 321's in their last days locally took me past Willesden depot several times. In darkness and with the

mild weather the depot doors were open at the South end. On the far road were weathered Anglia 86246 and immaculate

86259. The crane had 86246 lifted presumably for bogie removal.

86259's wheel set/bogie problems have seen a "fallow year" for the loco since her last ECML tour in October 2014.

It appears from owner Les Ross's superb website that 86246 is to donate her bogie to 86259 with the hope of

the loco working the Cumbrian Mountain Express tour from Euston on October 17th. To celebrate the locos

50th birthday 86259 should see her getting her named "Peter Pan" (we used to call her "Peter Can!") on one side only

at Tyesley open day on October 24/25th 2015. We wish Les some good fortune in October 2015...

Test runs expected 7 Oct WN-Watford, 8 Oct WN - Rugby, Ta to "RC" for gen...

When working the Winter Cumbrian Mountain Express tours in 2012/3/4 it seems 86259 was the most photographed

"can" on the WCML.

86259 phot selection    

04090286259r.jpg 86259 ran unnamed from April 2002 to Sep 2002 and is seen here at what was still Ledburn Jn

on the 1710 Euston - Wolves on September 4th 2002. She lost her "Peter Pan" nameplates in Oct 95 for the catchy "Greater

Manchester the life & soul of Britain".. She was renamed "Les Ross" on September 27th 2002 whilst still a Virgin operated machine.


11021286259mkr.jpg 86259 arrives at Milton Keynes on her staple "Cumbrian Mountain Express" on a chill February 11th 2012


26021286259r.jpg 86259 was stabled overnight at Euston's blocks and is seen the following morning awaiting release back to WN on February 26th 2012


02081386259r.jpg A summer evening's Down ECS working (tour the next day) sees 86259 at Leighton on August 2nd 2013.


Autumn 2015 UPDATE - 86259 made 2 successful test runs on October 7 and 9.,
86 259 then hauled the Cumbrian Mountain Express on October 17, and was then re-named 'Peter Pan' at Tyesley on October 24/25

to celebrate the loco's 50th birthday ! Named “Peter Pan” on one side only, with “Les Ross” plate remaining on the other side.

86259 returned safely from Tyesley to Willesden on November 11th 2015.


We all hope for a more positive year in 2016 for Les and 86259

Pleased to include a scene of 86259 back on the Cumbrian Mountain Express on October 17th 2015..

17101586259wr.jpg 86259 is back! She is storming North through a gloomy Ledburn with the "Cumbrian Mountain Express" on October 17th 2015


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