Old Linslade, late lunchtime September 30th 2015

2 classic classes in a few minutes at Old Linslade made a change from the

usual lunchtime diet of umpteen Pendos” and “sheds”.


30091537604r.jpg Storming along the Up fast 37604 with 37601 out of site tailing on 1Q29 Crewe – Euston test train.


30091587002ar.jpg After a months absence locally 87002 heads North on 0Z87 1330 Willesden – Bletchley.


30091587002br.jpg 20 minutes later 87002 returned South, good to see her back!


87002 detailed gen links:


34 days on the trot!, a busy Feb 05 for 87002


The final G21/B05 Dec 06 turn


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