87002 returns, December 2nd 2015

02121587002ar.jpg 1M16 approaching Leighton, 021215

For the first time since late August 87002 was again on a sleeper duty on December 2nd 2015.

This was due to Freightliner hire in 90042 expiring at Shilton (South of Nuneaton) on November 30th's

1S25 2116 Euston - Inverness. 66738 off 4L23 modal was borrowed to drag the sleeper to Nuneaton.

87002 off 1S26 sleeper was then attached to the dead 90 and sleeper to work 1S25 forward some 3hrs down.

After being stabled in Edinburgh on December 1st she then returned South on 1M16 forward from Edinburgh

on December 2nd passing Leighton just a few minutes down.

02121587002webr.jpg   Still in virtual darkness the new footbridge frames 87002 on 1M16 at Leighton, December 2nd 2015

Thanks to usual gen men for the info, much appreciated

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