87002 works a class 1 again,  Feb 10th and 14th 2018

Some welcome "seven" mileage occurred in Mid February. The fun and games began with 90045 leaving right time with Friday Feb 9th's 1S26 2353 Euston - Glasgow/Edinburgh "Caledonian Sleeper".

After passing Berko right time the 90 then failed in the Tring area. Network Rail engineering work means a double track WCML from 2200-0600 Mon-Sat mornings so the broken Skoda meant all down traffic out of Euston and Wembley yards was stuck behind it.

The 0004 Euston - Northampton local 350 turn left Watford Jn right time at 0026 but didnt leave Hemel till 0241 once Network rail had reopened the Fast lines to get round the stuck 1S26.

GBRf control reportedly opted for the Network Rail "mom" to drive 1S26's driver back to Euston by "van", where 87002 was stabled overnight. The 87 was then scrambled North and finally left Tring around 0450 some 269 minutes late!

Leighton was passed at 0506 (269L), Rugby 0548 (260L), Stafford 0627 (245L), Preston 0812-0814 (263L), Carlisle 0935-0939 (263L), Carstairs 1113-1116 (278L)

with arrival in Glasgow C at 1213 iso 0718 295L and the Edinburgh portion 1211 iso 0719 291 L.

GBRf deserve credit for still running the train, rather than capeing it as other operators always did.

Now in 2016/2017 the 87 normally returned that night South and a good few headed North for it. That has changed now and it wasn't until the Tues night (13/2) that 1M11 got a "proper electric" again..

Delayed by a derailment in the Motherwell area 87002 was still 20 early through Leighton around 6am on Wednesday February 14th. Her pan was scorching the frost of the wires passing

Leighton , her motors howling quietly..Well worth the early start!!  

14021887002awebr.jpg   The arcing pan of 87002 can just about be seen as a white light above the pan as she passes Leighton with 1M11 on 140218


14021887002webrr.jpg Reflected by the red peg of a down Pendo which nearly bowled me for these images, heres 87002 passing under the new footbridge with 1M11 on 140218


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