90037 returns, 081014

90037 complete with new bogies and other embellishments returned to WCML use working 0A06 on Wed 081014.

Her return was after 8 years in storage at Crewe Works showing perhaps there is hope for the other stored 90’s

if DB find sufficient demand. 90017/22/23/25/27/30/31/32/33/38 and 40 remain in similar storage, lets hope

more return.

90037 was delivered new in April 90 being named “Spirit of Dagenham” on 190501. Nominally a Freight sector then EWS freight loco

she also worked Sleeper services plus regular hires to Virgin and Scotrail (for North Berwick). She was stored in late

Jan 2006. Good to see her back….

90037 phot spot.

Old Linslade “dip”, 081014

08101490037ar.jpg Suitably embellished, a shiny 90037 hauls 67015 South on 0A06 Crewe-WM light engine turn

Ledburn Jn, 030403

03040390037r.jpg 90037 on a down Wolves during an extended hire to Virgin. Ledburn Jn stll retains her crossovers but the shanty town in the background will eventually resource the relocation of the Junction further South at a massive cost to the taxpayer.

Old Linslade “the bridge”, 040890

04089090037r.jpg  90037 spent her first few months on loan to Inter City accumulating much mileage such as this down afternoon Blackpool service

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