90047, Every loco tells a story




90047’s first passenger working...Ta to “TC”.

  “Driver Phil had transferred to Bedford from Marylebone in April 1990. For a few weeks Phil was training, new traction, learning the route etc. On 20.07.90 after a hectic mornings training he gets the TOPS clerk to "put the 90's through" knowing that 90047 had been at Crewe for a few days, but hadn't been taken in to traffic yet. This particular day, the answer was its on 1A38 from Crewe to Euston. Seems it was used on a 0902 Holyhead - Euston forward from Crewe, and with a quick leap to Watford for the booked set down, he had it Watford - Euston. Like many others Phil next had 90047 on 20.01.11, exactly 20 and a half years later!”








·         Then an unexpected surprise in November 02 when Freightliner hired Anglia several of their 90’s on a daily basis to cover for their ageing and dwindling 86 fleet. Now renumbered as 90’0’s again, with 110 mph running and eth restored 90041-6, 8-50 were all regular 100 mph performers on passenger turns from Liverpool St to Harwich/Ipswich and Norwich with on a good day like, 31/5/03, with 90041,90048 and 90049 all working.






·         Then in December 2010 came another totally unexpected twist with a Freightliner rather than DB 90 being hired in, to be used “intensively” on the hauled set due yet another round of pendolino modifications or whatever. 90045 was the first to appear just before Xmas and in early January rumours of a swap were growing. 90047 was on B exam at Crewe at the time and yes, after a 20 year WCML class 1 service train absence she was put on the return Crewe- Euston ECS on 170110.


·         To keep her legendary status a few hours longer she withered a few by not appearing on 1801’s 1G04 0703 Euston-Birmingham and 1B29 0850 return due to a farce in the Kilsby area I believe. She did however do 1G15 1043 ex Euston and the rest of the diagram on 180111 and on many other days until being replaced by 90041 on the Crewe-Euston pm ECS on 310111. An enormous number of people made the effort to scratch, renew acquaintance or simply build mileage on 47 before she returned to legendary non passenger status.


·         Class 92 reliability on the Serco sleepers became an issue during the Summer of 2015. To free up the GBRf 92's for a good seeing too Freightliner 90s were hired in Sep 15. The Freightliner 90s were replaced on their liner turns by class 70's from heavy haul released by declining power station coal traffic. The release of 70s was slow seeing cancelled liners locally, but by Sep 6th 4 Freightliner 90's were on sleeper turns. This included 90047 on 1M16 2046(4/9) Inverness - Euston from Edinburgh early on Sep 5th 2015.


·         From Sep 2015 became a sleeper regular for at least the last few months of 2015...


·        90047 phot spot




90047 on her staple liner turns she has been on virtually all her career is seen at Three Arches South of Leighton on a sunny 090713




90047 again on her staple liner turns she has been on virtually all her career is seen at Ledburn early on a sunny 130413 with 4L89



90047 is seen at Euston prior to working the 1443 Euston-Birmingham, a “PB” phot 180110



90047 heads North past Soulbury Road with the 1443 Euston - Birmingham, an Andrew Chambers phot 180110



Low Winter sun and 90047 at Euston, a Trev Rolfe phot, 190111




Sunday “Skoda” 90047 at Leighton with the 1145 Euston-Birmingham, 300111 her penultimate day of class 1 running,



After GBRf's class 92 issues Freightliner 90's were hired in as cover. 90047 was soon drafted in and looks good here at Ledburn with 1M16 2044(16/9) Inverness - Euston on a pleasant 170915




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