92014 loco history.

92014 - the "modal machine"

03020692014webr.jpg 92014 roaring nicely, at a dusky Rugby on "modal" work, 030206.

92014 was delivered new to Crewe ED in August 94 and was soon named

"Emile Zola". The loco returned to Brush for the first of many times before

taking up freight duties in Sep 95.

Initially dragged in "caravan" convoys duties to and from Dollands Moor saw

92014 mainly used on Channel tunnel and Southern freight routes to Wembley Yd.

The class were eventually cleared for full WCML use seeing 92014 a regular on

modal turns to Moss End from Rugby/Daventry.

A railtour duty came on 150901 with 92014 working the Crewe - Carlisle leg of

the Blyth and Tyne Meanderer. A few spells in store but in April 2015 GBRf

sleeper and freight turns were expected to begin.

03059792014webr.jpg Crewe ED open day on 030597 was on display on the jacks

22040492014webr.jpg The EWS wagonload traffic didnt survive much beyond 2004. 92014

has a lightweight Arpley - Wembley in tow on 220404 at Ledburn

14070492014webr.jpg 92014 with the Trafford Pk - Dollands Moor "modal" at Ledburn on 140704

92014 - the Sleeper machine

Despite a refurbishment and repainting in "Caledonian Sleeper" livery in early 2015,

92014 is not known to have worked any full WCML turns after GBRf took over the sleepers

from DB in April 2015.

On the night of June 21st 2015 92014 worked

1S25 2028 Euston - Inverness 210615, 92014 to Wembley yd, 87002 fwd via ECML

On the night of July 26th 2015 92014 worked

1S25 2028 Euston - Inverness 260715, 92014 to Wembley yd, 92038 fwd via ECML

After a furhur refurbishment at Brush Loughborough 92014 topped and tailed 92010

with a rake of SRPS stock on Crewe - Rugby test runs on 150616.  

After a week in early July 2016 working the Carstairs-Edinburgh vv portions of 1S26/1M11 92014 unexpectedly worked:

1M11 2340 (4/7) Glas/Edin - Euston throughout on 050716..returning North that night on:

1S26 2350 (5/7)  Euston - Glas/Edin throughout on 060716.

Sustained running continued as below,

1M11 ex Glasgow on 8/7, 11/7, 13/7, 15/7, 18/7, 20/7 and 22/7

1S26 ex Euston on 7/7, 10/7, 12/7, 14/7, 17/7, 19/7 and 21/7

After arrival in Euston with 1M11 on the morning of 23/7, 92014 was due an exam after building up

significant mileage (9000 plus) with no reported major problems. This continued into early Autumn as by September 15th 92014 had worked 26,000 miles without any significant failure.

08071692014webr.jpg 92014 was a welcome site early on the morning of 140716 at Ledburn with 1M11

16071692014r.jpg 92014 remained on diagram and is seen at Euston on 1M11 on 160716

19071692014webr.jpg Brighter weather greeted 92014 on 1M11 on 190716 at Chelmscote

So has 92014 started a new trend of solid, reliable class 92 GBRf sleeper operation? Time will tell.

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