Anglia Ranger, Saturday September 29th 1979


A long weekend staying near Romford at the then girlfriend's. After a heavy Friday night session in Brentwood it was  a late start on the Saturday morning.  To my surprise i managed to negotiate an alternative to an afternoon's shopping in Romford.

So at Liverpool St it was sit back up front and enjoy a hard working 37087 growling through the twisty lines that run North East of London before faster running once North of Broxbourne and we left the units behind. At Audley End that classic day piece was purchased the "One day Anglia Ranger" at just £2.50. This gave you the freedom of a vast area of the flatlands but my late start saw me raking in a few winners and much steam heat on the Audley End-Cambridge-Ely corridor.

I should  have headed back to Romford off the 1736 ex Cambridge but you know whats its like, there were 3 more diagrams to cover! I bailed off the 1736 Cambridge at Audley End eventually getting back to Romford 3 hours later than first claimed, to the usual very negative welcome!!.

Still 5 winners, much steam heat mileage and mighty thrash over the flatlands it was well worth it, happy days on the Cambridge line! 


37087    1L16 1136 Liverpool St-Cambridge                         Liverpool St-Audley End

31305...2L821205 Liverpool St-Cambridge                         Audley End-Cambridge

37099...1L18 1236 Liverpool St-Cambridge                         Cambridge-Ely

47005...1L31 1330 Kings Lynn-Liverpool St                       Ely-Cambridge

31305    2L67 1439 Cambridge-Liverpool St                         Cambridge-Audley End

31148...2L84 1405 Liverpool St-Cambridge                         Audley End-Cambridge

37102    1L22 1436 Liverpool St-Kings Lynn                       Cambridge-Ely

37099    1L35 1600 Kings Lynn-Liverpool St                       Ely-Cambridge

31109...1L27 1726 Cambridge-Liverpool St                         Cambridge-Audley End

37049    1L30 1736 Liverpool St-Cambridge                         Audley End-Cambridge

31108    2L71 1850 Cambridge-Liverpool St                         Cambridge-Audley End

47172    1L35 1836 Liverpool St-Kings Lynn                       Audley End-Cambridge

37049    1L41 2008 Cambridge-Liverpool St                         Cambridge-Liverpool St


Power sampled (10 locos)

31148(SF), 31108(MR), 31109(SF), 31305(MR)

37049(SF), 37087(MR), 37099(MR), 37102(MR)

47005(SF), 47172(SF)


31109, 31148, 31305, 37099, 47005

Where are they now?

31148 renumbered 8/84 to 31448,then 31558. Withdrawn July 95, cut June 2001.

31108 withdrawn Sep 91. Preserved by A1A group. Currently at MRC Butterley.

31109 withdrawn Mar 88. Cut Aug 89

31305 withdrawn May 81.Cut June 94

37049 renumbered 37322, then 37343.Withdrawn Feb 95. Cut Dec 03

37087 withdrawn Mar 97, reinstated Aug 02 as HNRC loco, to DRS Apr 06, Stored Feb 2013, Cut Mar 2013.

37099 renumbered 37324, withdrawn Mar 96. Preserved Glos-Warks, Now operates with Colas on mainline

37102 renumbered 37712. withdrawn June 02, reinstated Sep 04, to WCRC June 08. Currently out of service

47005 withdrawn May 91. Cut May 94

47172 renumbered 47583, then 47734. Withdrawn Mar 04, Cut May 08


The ticket


angliapieceweb.jpg gripped to death as booked with local desperate TTIs/guards


angliapiecerweb.jpg Vast area to cover


No phots from the day i'm afraid


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