3 Autumn galas in Oct - Nov 2017

A positive feast of diesel galas this Autumn. Here's three of the better ones perhaps.

Glos-Warks 7/10/17  

07101726swebr.jpg 26043 runs round at Cheltenham racecourse after a good thrash on the 1230 ex Toddington.

07101720webr.jpg Looking the part, 20137 waits at Winchcombe with the 1540 Cheltenham - Toddington

07101745webr.jpg 45149 arrives at Winchcombe with the 1615 Toddington - Cheltenham

LBNGR, 15/10/17

151017ppwebr.jpg A rare Simplex triple header consisting of 30, Arkle and Damrebub plus translator "Creepy" taking part in a complicated run round at Pages Park

151017stwebr.jpg Recreating the scene, the Simplexes chug past Stonehenge crossing after working, in style the 1410 ex Pages Park

SouthDevon, 03 and 04/11/17

031117gronkswebr.jpg "Gronk" power in 08644 (from Laira) and resident 09010 arrive at Totnes Riverside with the first train of the day from Buckfastleigh

0311178568awebr.jpg The star of the gala, 8568 arrives at Staverton Bridge with a Totnes service

0311178568bwebr.jpg A different atmosphere after dark, 8568 at Totnes with a "beerex"

04111733webr.jpg 33002 at Buckfastleigh about to thrash South, the "Postman" was a popular local volunteer, sadly now deceased

04111737webr.jpg Looking good 37275 tailing a Totnes service at Buckfastleigh

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