Aylesbury 47’s

My first encounter with a class 47 at Aylesbury was back on January 23rd 1971. We made one of our infrequent trips over from Dunstable on the 61 bus. Hanging around at the station we were pleased on seeing a 47 arrive from the North with an oil train. We wandered up to have a closer look at D1616 (later 47480) and the driver leant out and asked if “you kids would like a ride!”. There wasn’t much hesitation and the 2 of us were soon aboard as we propelled the loaded tanks back from the station to the small depot about half a mile to the North.   

Whilst the guard uncoupled the tanks much railway conversation followed, this train had come up from Ripple Lane via the West Coast and then Bletchley and ran about once a week in Winter. The driver then told my mate to push the fire alarm and me sound the horn, great fun and it certainly saw the guard quickly enquire of the problem. We returned to Aylesbury light engine and bid farewell to the friendly loco crew. Aylesbury visits personally remained infrequent and it wasn’t until 1991 that I saw another 47 there. Working in Aylesbury saw a mini gala of 47’s on the Dagenham bins in 2003 and my last Aylesbury 47 sighting was 47355 on a test train on May 11th 2006. Today they are very rare indeed.

 I missed the long spells of 47 hauled DMU substitutes in 1989 and a concentrated spell from 1990-1991. The likes of 47598 working 2B31 1244 Marylebone-Aylesbury via Amersham on 270291 plus semi regular visits by 47472, 47484, 47521, 47530, 47547, 47579, 47583, 47596, 47702, 47709, 47711 plus 47108, 47341, 47364 was a fascinating period for the Aylesbury commuter and enthusiast.


Any more Aylesbury 47 photos/memories welcome…


Aylesbury 47 phot spot

06048947540r.jpg Glen Jones excellent phot of 47540 with stock prior to working the 0820 Aylebury-Marylebone, 060489

20049147334r.jpg As sectorisation crept in 47334 displaying “engineers train unit” brings a short engineer’s train into Aylesbury, 200491

27060347829ar.jpg  Police liveried 47829 looks good on the “blue bins” as the “bubble” looks on, 270603

08070347805r.jpg The blue bins produce!. Deputising for the usual freightliner shed, Freightliners Virgin liveried 47805 approaches Aylesbury with an excellent “Dagenham daggers on tour” headboard on 080703

16070347812r.jpg “Deja-vu” a week or so later with the Ripple Lane - Calvert bins getting 47812 on 160703

02058347489obwrr.jpg Yes it’s Bletchley flyover, but this unusual train did pass through Aylesbury back on 020583 (a bank holiday mon). 47489 had replaced an 85 at the foot of the flyover before working this return Oban-West Ruislip “LNER” excursion via Claydon, Aylesbury and Risborough.  

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