Bicester - Claydon events, Sep/Oct 2018

Thanks to Trev Rolfe for the phots.

Recent weeks have seen Colas 70's working on the Bicester - Claydon section of the

Oxford - Bletchley largely "mothballed" line. The 70's have been involved with the

recovery of track and other old infrastructure from the Bicester - Claydon line.

It appears that this track lifting is a positive move as it is the prelude to rebuilding

of this section as part of the horrendously overdue "East West link" from Oxford to

initially Bletchley, M.Keynes and Bedford.

Even Chris Grayling did his PR bit for the project. After so many years of consultants

taking tax payers money for talk, we may now see something positive happening at least

on the Bicester - Claydon line

210918ClaydonJunctionwebr.jpgClaydon Jn which still see train movements beyond the signal, 210918

footcrossingnrClaydonwebr.jpgA foot crossing near Claydon, all tracks removed, 210918

eastofbicesterwebr.jpgEast of Bicester, tracks no more....


Mark Beal's excellent phot of 70809 between Charbridge Lane and Launton West of Claydon on September 25th 2018 here

12091466034webr.jpgThe last regular freight on the Bicester - Claydon line was the diverted MoD train from Didcot to Bicester COD. 66034 is captured by Trev Rolfe on September 12th 2014 just West of Twyford on the currently lifted Claydon-Bicester section..

29059356046winwebr.jpgThe Mothball tour back in May 93 was the last loco hauled railtour to traverse the Bicester - Claydon - Bletchley section of the Oxford - Bletchley line. 56046 is seen at Winslow station's platforms (Winslow is on the Claydon - Bletchley section) during a booked photo stop. A full Mothball tour report here

So "perhaps" we have a rare positive from todays railway scene to look forward to....."perhaps!!!"

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