Back to Broadway Diesel Gala, Saturday July 28th 2018

The weather dawned dull, cool and damp all very unfamiliar for the hot Summer of 2018.

The fast car with 4 of Bedford's finest aboard arrived right time in Leighton and we were soon heading West. A few rain showers en route were a surprise as were a trio of Massey Ferguson tractors  heading West in convoy near Chipping Norton. 8 miles of follow the tractors delayed us all by 15 minutes or so.

On arrival at Toddington it was raining again and the novelty of fresh rain on parched ground was already beginning to wear thin. The Gala tickets were exchanged for a wristband tickets which seemed an excellent idea making grips unobtrusive.

26043 was our power West, crossing 45149 en route. Breakfast at Cheltenham was an on platform barbeque cheeseburger. This was excellent, much better value than the garden centre run buffet at Toddington.

The 26 returned us the full 14 miles to the newly opened Broadway station. The thrash was typical small Sulzer, a melodic chatter with loud bursts at times, especially in Winchcombe tunnel. Tailing 7017 returned us to Toddington,  this loco seemed to be driven gently so i left my Bedford colleagues for some narrow gauge thrash.

This didn't dissapoint, Hunslet thrash one way, Simplex on return. The usual narrow guage eccentricities but the staff have great pride in their line. A brief proper guage depot visit where 24081 and 47105 were under heavy repair in the immaculately clean diesel depot. The rest of the days moves are summarised below, 47376 was excellent i really didnt want to get off this former Knottingley legend. 37248 was quiet, 37215 the usual eruptive EE sounds.   

The showers of hail and rain cleared by 1830 allowing a few more phots and watching the impressive departure of 832 and 7017 from Toddington on the 1845 fast to Cheltenham.

Much chatter on the return trip, evidence of storms with section of trees down and much debris in the road showed the weather had been wilder further East.

The delights of the Keynes, a 20 minute fester for a busy car 12 car 350 home. An excellent day, thank you Glos-Warks volunteers and the Bedford boys too!.


The moves


26043  0930 Toddington -- Cheltenham                                TO-CH

26043  1025 Cheltenham - Broadway                                    CH-BW

7017    1200 Broadway - Cheltenham                                    BW-TO


A497    1220 Toddington NGR - Didbrook loop                     TO-DI

Bryneglas 1240 Didbrook Loop - Toddington NGR               DI-TO


832      1155 Cheltenham - Broadway                                    TO-BW

832      1335 Broadway - Cheltenham                                    BW-TO

47376  1335 Broadway - Cheltenham                                    TO-GO

37248  1410 Cheltenham - Broadway                                    GO-BR

37248  1545 Broadway - Cheltenham                                    BR-TO

37215  1545 Broadway - Cheltenham                                    TO-WI

20137  1540 Cheltenham - Broadway                                    WI- TO

26043  1630 Broadway - Cheltenham                                    TO-GO

37215  1710 Cheltenham - Toddington                                  GO-TO                       



350241}  1914 Birmingham - Euston                                     MK-LB



Phots from the day


28071826043webr.jpg Always popular, 26043 at Cheltenham Racecourse with the 0930 ex Toddington.


28071837215webr.jpg Looking the part, 37215 eases out of Gotherington for a token exchange


2807187017webr.jpg Visting Hymek 7017 prior to departure with the 1200 ex Broadway. The new Broadway station only recently opened and is an impressive station


280718A497werr.jpg Hunslet A497 at the NGR terminus

280718brynwebr.jpg Bedford built Simplex Bryneglas at the half way shack


280718832webr.jpg Classic curves, 832 runs round at Broadway to work the 1335 departure.


28071837248webr.jpg A change in the weather 37248 arrives at a wet Gotherington in heavy rain with the 1410 Cheltenham - Broadway


28071847376webr.jpg 47376 on the 1630 Broadway - Cheltenham crosses

20137 on the 1540 Cheltenham - Broadway DMU drag


28071845149webr.jpg 45149 looking good on the transfer road at Toddington


2807187017n832webr.jpg Classic duo 7017 and 832 at Toddington prior to departure with the 1845 express to Cheltenham.


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