More Caledonian Sleeper variety, July/August 2015

The variety continues and 86401 is expected out soon too!

Old Linslade, 290715

29071592010br.jpg Many locos, 92010 pilots a failed 67710 and shut down 67004 on 5M16 around 1pm at Old Linslade. 66710 with 67004 for heat replaced an unavailable 90 on 1M16 at Edinburgh but the "shed" failed at Milton Keynes. 92010 came light from WM to assist the now caped sleeper.

Ledburn, 040815

04081592010r.jpg 92010 again but this time with a right time 1M16 on a glorious Summer's morning

Ledburn, 060815

06081586101r.jpg First 86'1 on a sleeper duty locally for many years. On a dark Ledburn morning 86101 is running 20 early on 1M11.

06081586101ar.jpg 86101 close up, 47812 had worked the Edinburgh-Carstairs portion of this train too!

Chelmscote Canalside, 070815

07081590036r.jpg A DB 90 remains hired in and works alternate M16's. 90036 "Driver Jack Mills" passes almost still waters with 1M16. This locos name is poignant and timely, as the train crew suffered the horrific train robbery at nearby Bridego Bridge on August 8th 1963, some 52 years earlier. RIP driver Jack Mills.

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