Chiltern snowscenes , 030215

Despite the loss of the majority of the class 67 hauled through services due

the nasty landslide between Banbury and Leamington there was plenty

of interest after the overnight snow on February 3rd 2015.

Aylesbury Station

030215117r.jpg The 117 “Green goddess” water cannon unit

in the snow early on 030215


Princes Risborough


03021555020r.jpg The blue bubble W55020 is clagging in the freezing “Risboro” air as she leaves with the 0812 to Aylesbury


High Wycombe


030021568015r.jpg A third 68 is now on the 0744 Banbury – Marylebone, “commuter” 68015 waits time at Wycombe


Princes Risborough


030215168002r.jpg As far as i know its very rare for units to traverse the siding on the downside  at Risborough. 168002 had failed at Haddenham, ran light to Risboro and was got out the way...


Aylesbury North


03021567023r.jpg 67023 is stabled with a DVT that possibly needs TMD attention at Aylesbury in the sidings to the North of the depot


Leighton Station


03021567008r.jpg Memories of WSMR diversions, late afternoon at Leighton sees 67008 storming North with Wembley-Stourbridge Jn Chiltern stock ECS. Yes my shot timing was rubbish with this one!


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