Class 310 unit memories, 1970-2001

Class 310s were delivered new from Derby Works to the WCML in 1965 with them

based at Bletchley working all over the WCML including relief trains to and from

Carlisle in the 80's/90's. They finally left the Euston - Northampton axis in Aug 89

being transferred to the GE and then to the Fenchurch St Lines.


The 321 unit shortage created by the Watford crash in Aug 96 saw 310'1s hired in on Euston services once more, although only for a week. Their long hold on West Midland services finally ended on March 29th 2000, leaving them working many services out of Fenchurch St

helped by delays in commissioning their new class 357 units. Sadly this swansong ended on Saturday November 17th 2001 with 310088 and 310109 specially rostered for an all day diagram and even a headboard was carried that day.


Everybody's memories of these classic units will differ, but i remember the supremely comfortable seats with over a foot of sofa like fabric, often too hot inside and storming down the Trent at 95mph plus (booked for 75 mph max) , Happy days, 10 phots to enjoy below.


Any more 310 unit phots/memories to share?


Bletchley, Spring 1970


1970056n077bletchleywebr.jpg Thanks to the Ivan Stewart Collection for this superb photo of at least 6 all blue 310's including 056 and 077 nearest the photographer at

Bletchley Carriage Sidings in the Spring of 1970


Leighton Buzzard, Oct 82


231082049webr.jpgStill in as built blue livery 310049 on a Euston service offloads at Leighton on 231082. The 3 dots in the headboard was to help parcels staff on

approach, the guards cage being 3 coaches back.


Crewe Independent Lines, Aug 85

1985crewesalopgoodsjn310061lplbhxaug85webr.jpg310061 on the Crewe Independent lines at Salop Goods Jn, with a diverted service due the Crewe blockade in Aug 85. An Ivan Stewart Collection phot .



Dudley Port, March 88

0585310051dpwebr.jpgThanks to Dave Spencer for this classic Dudley Port

image of 310051 probably on a Wolves local, a turn these units covered until March 2000.


Cambridge, Dec 88


091288310067webr.jpgShortly after transfer from BY Ilford based 310067 is

at Cambridge on a Liverpool St working on 091288


Bletchley, June 91


080691310104n1070704bynswebr.jpgSeveral local services were booked for 310's well into the late 90's as the units remained BY based. 310104 and 310107 are working the 0704 Bletchley

- Birmingham on 080691


Stafford, June 91


1306913101101910struwebr.jpgThe 1910 Stafford - Rugby "Trent Valley flyer" was renown for its lively, high speed running. Heres 310110 at Stafford awaiting departure on 130691


Leighton Buzzard August 96


130896310109n1030736biretnwebr.jpg310s return to Leighton in 1996! 310109 and 310103

are working the 0736 Birmingham - Euston on 130896. The 310's had been hired in

as cover for 3 321s "lost" after the horrific Watford crash at that time


Fenchurch St, Nov 2001


171101310109awebr.jpgTo their immense credit C2C specially rostered 2 x 310s for an all day diagram on Saturday November 17th 2001 complete with headboard. 310109 and 310088 look good with the 1210 Fenchurch St - Shoeburyness


Shoeburyness, Nov 2001


171101310088shwebr.jpgIts all over for the 310s, 310088 and 310109 at Shoeburyness after working the 1510 ex Fenchurch St the final 310 working after

a 36 year career................


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