Class 321 local finale, September 2015

First introduced on local services back in July 89  these fine BREL York built units may well have finished on local main line turns on September 18th 2015.

When new locally the 321's had class 317's and a few 310's plus loco hauled Cobblers as part of the then NSE proper railway make up.

Unless things change, 26 years of service finally ended in Sep 2015 with the very last turns expected on the "Abbey Flyer" on Sunday Sep 20th.

LOROL are expected to take 2 321's on short term hire, whilst Scotrail beckons via Doncaster Works for the other 5 surviving ex LM units.   

A full history of our local 321s will follow in a few months....Contributions/photos/memories  welcome.

150915321417n415.jpg  321417 at the blocks at Euston after working the 1126 Tring - Euston, 150915

150915321415br.jpg 321415 with 321417 up front leans into the Berkhamsted curves with the 1747 M.Keynes - Euston, 150915

170915321414n417ler.jpg The final class 321 operated 0619 M.Keynes - Euston approaches Ledburn with 321414 and 417 as power on 170915 . I commuted on this train for 7 years, normally a 321 back then, just 2 321 unit failures on this train in all that time, Bletchley TMD "golden spanner " reliability.

170915321414n417r.jpg Thanks to "Redgauntlet" for this view of 321414 and 321417 at Tring with the 1126 to Euston, 170915

180915321417n414rgr.jpg Thanks again to "Redgauntlet" for this ready for the off view of 321417 with 414 upfront on the 1930 Tring - Euston, 180915

180915321417n414r.jpg Farewell view of 321417 with 321414 out of sight under the new station footbridge at Leighton with the 2224 Euston - Northampton, 180915

180915321417r.jpg Thanks to Andrew Chambers for this farewell view of 321417 with 321414 at Milton Keynes with the 2224 Euston - Northampton, 180915

200915321413r.jpg Thanks to Mark Beal of 321413 returning ECS to Northampton nr Hanslope for the last time after working Abbey line turns on 200915

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