Leighton "Deltics" 1997-2017

09101155002n019n009webr.jpg Dreadfull! 091017

The prototype "Deltic" was a common sight locally on express passenger turns from 1955-58 then all went very quiet on the "Deltic" front locally for almost 20 years. 55022 then worked 3 WCML tours in 1997.

These tours were:

Euston - Manchester "West Coast Deltic Pioneer" on 080397

Euston - Bristol "Cross Country Deltic" via BNS outward on 130497

13049755022webr.jpg Let the Napier music commence! 55022 at Euston prior to departure with the "Cross Country Deltic" tour on 130497

Euston - Scarborough Past Time Tour 050797

Then in the Summers of 1998/99 55022 had a booked Sats Only service train working through Leighton..

1O99 0658 Birmingham NS- Ramsgate which called at Int'l, Cov, via WCML to Kensington O,  Bromley S, Chatham, Faversham, Margate and Ramsgate.

(The return working was via Oxford.)

25079855022webr.jpg 55022 storms through Leighton with 1O99 on 250798

28089955022webr.jpg A year later or so on 280999 55022 now has Virgin liveried Mk IIe's in tow on 1O99


55022 was reported up Light on a route learner on 301101

Purple liveried 55016 visited Leighton, albeit failed, behind 66156 on 1Z53 Colchester - Holyhead Railtour on 140603.

55019 made possibly her first ever visit to the local area working a 1Z56 Preston - Salisbury  and return railtour on 020705.

020705550191z57webr.jpg The Napier sounds could be heard on the breeze for 5 minutes before 55019 caught the last of the light on the return 1Z56 from Salisbury to Preston at a deserted Old Linslade on 020705


55009 then was the main line haulage for 0Z39 Bury-Alton Mid Hants convoy of 37901,

33109,20087 and 47402 which worked via the WCML.

55022 now in blue made a welcome return on Preston - Euston and return positioning tours on 04 and 060311.

06031155022webr.jpg 55022 about to enter Linslade tunnel with the return Euston-Preston positional tour on 060311  

06031155022crr.jpg An immaculate 55022 with the Euston-Preston return Spitfire positioning tour at Crewe on 060311

Occasional light engine moves followed but the recent highlight was 55002's first local visit hauling classmates 55019 and 55009 from East Grinstead to NRM York via Burton and Barrow Hill on October 9th 2017 . This was after the Bluebell Railways Deltic event the weekend before.

09101155002n019n009webr.jpg Quite something 55002 hauls 55019 and 55009 through Old Linslade with 0Z55 from East Grinstead to NRM York on 091017


Like em or loathe em, you cannot mistake that hairs rising on the back of your neck moment on hearing Napier music on the breeze as a mighty Deltic approaches.  

Long may it continue!!

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