East Lancs Spring Diesel gala, Sat Feb 17th 2018

By some distance the best diesel galas in England are always at the East Lancs.

Good well diagrammed  power, sociable staff, loads of thrash, nice scenery and

decent length trains. Feb 2018 delivered as expected with 25279 and 40106 the

personal favourites amongst a host of power that also included

9531, 9537, 33109, 37109, 40145, 45108 and 50015.

All trains were top and tailed with 40106 steaming profusely and plenty eh therms on

the other rakes.

1702189531webr.jpg "Ted" 9531 arrives at Bury

17021825279webr.jpg In steady drizzle 25279 rests at Rawtenstall after a good thrash through the Irwel vale

17021840106awebr.jpg Steaming beast at Ramsbottom, tailing the "ted"

17021840106bwebr.jpg Still steaming 40106 at Heywood

17021840145webr.jpg 40145 prior to taking up her day's duties

17021825ndmuwebr.jpg 25279 and the dragged 104 DMU 50455 and 50517  at Ramsbottom

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