Epping - Ongar diesel gala, 200914

Another sound event from the EOR. Impressive thrash, non stop runs and enthusiastic volunteers…Excellent.

200937n47635r.jpg 37029 and 47635 prior to the start of the days action at North Weald

20091473141n33202r.jpg 73134 and 33202 again at North Weald. The last time I sampled the 73 was on 100289 on the 0945 Waterloo-Poole paired with 73107.

20091403119r.jpg Former Landore 03 in 03119 on shed. Recently arrived 45132’s marklights appear on..

20091473134r.jpg To the blocks!. 73134 at Ongar

20091447635r.jpg Big Sulzer 47635 at Ongar with the 1355 departure

20091433202r.jpg 33202 at Ongar with the 1445 departure

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