First and last haulages 2020/2019

The Severn Valley diesel turn on Saturday December 28th produced 40106 and 37688 on the booked 2 round trips. With 8 Mk I's in tow and a dead tail loco there was plenty thrash to see out 2019.

The first "Night Riveria" sleepers after Xmas were on January 1st with 57604 providing the power on the 2345 "Down Midnight" from Paddington to Penzance. An unusual route too via Newbury, Castle Cary, Yeovil PM, Yeovil Jn, Exeter SD and then the GWR main line.

28121940106awebr.jpg40106 reverses her 8 Mk i's into Kidderminster on 281219

28121937688awebr.jpg37688 is on the blocks ready to tail the 1120 Bridgnorth

28121940106bwebr.jpg40106 awaits departure time

2812198568webr.jpgNot in BR blue yet! 8568 on Kidderminster TMD

28121937688bwebr.jpg37688 at the blocks after working the 1710 ex Bridgnorth, this was the last service train between Bewdley and Kidder due viaduct reconstruction until Easter 2020.

01012057603webr.jpgClassic loco hauled venue, 57603 at the blocks at Padd with the down midnight to Penzance

01012057604webr.jpg57604 awaits departure time with the 2345 Padd - Penzance "down Midnight" on 010120.

02012057604webr.jpg57604 at Penzance with the down Midnight early on 020120, the consist was 17175, 12142, 10217, 10601, 10594, 10584 and 10534. The refurbished Mk III sleeper cabins are far better than Mk 5 rubbish.

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