GCR Diesel gala, Sep 2016

2 days of contrasting weather at the GCR with plenty of contrasting power too.

Thanks to Guy Kendrick and MIB for the photos.

Sat 100916 thanks to Guy Kendrick

1009165830n31105r.jpg 5830 and 31105 at Leicester North after a noisy, atmospheric run from Loughborough

10091645041r.jpg "the Tank" in 45041 "Royal Tank regiment" at Leicester North

10091645041er.jpg 45041 runs round at Leicester North

Sun 110916 thanks to MIB

11091631105n5830r.jpg 31105 and 5830 in better weather at Leicester North

11091637714r.jpgHeavyweight 37714 at Leicester North

11091655019r.jpg 55019 alongside new build at Loughborough Central

Thanks again to Guy and Mike for the photos.


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