Great Central North diesel gala, Saturday July 11th 2015

Another superb gala from the GC North with class 25,31,47,56,66 73 and prototype HST action.

Mileage moves, Rushcliffe leaps and loads of thrash...A great day out for just 12

11071566737n31r.jpgThe start of the days proceedings at Ruddington with 31162 topping the HST with its characteristic exhaust plume. Stocks included Mk IIIs. Visiting 66765 is alongside.

11071556097r.jpg56097 makes a smoky start up at Ruddington

11071525279r.jpg25279 at the blocks at Ruddington with the 1014 departure for Loughborough. 66765 and E6016 were a top for the short run to Ruddington South. After reversal at Ruddington South we had 25279 thrashing nicely through the open country to Loughborough on load 5 plus dead 73/66, twas quite loud!

11071547292r.jpgFormer Eastern monster 47292 at Rushcliffe where most between train leaps were made

11071531n20154r.jpgA mid 70's depot scene recreated at Ruddington. The 31 had failed earlier in the day the only blip on a good day

11071541001r.jpgSomething for everyone, the preserved prototype HST 41001 arrives back at Ruddington with a busy last train of the day

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