Gala days and running days, Summer 2016

We have been spoilt this Summer, just a selection of the assorted power on offer below with thanks to various "logsmen"

0608163489r.jpg Class 10 shunter D3489 at Tunbridge Wells 060816

0608169537r.jpg 9537 in Gala action at Groombridge on 060816

29071620035r.jpg 2001 formerly 20035 still in French livery back in Blighty on Toddington depot on 290716

06081625035r.jpg Not been that good for rats this Summer but heres 25035 at Eridge on 060816

23081626043r.jpg 26043 looking good Cheltenham bound at Toddington on 230816

24081626043gkr.jpg The following day Guy Kendrick was on hand for a spin on 26043

06081631289r.jpg Former Northampton and Lamport "ped" 31289 has a run at Groombridge on 060816

06081633063r.jpg 33063 is the Crompton action at Eridge on 060816

29071637248r.jpg Newly restored in green 37248 arrives at Winchcombe on 290716

29071637248n215r.jpg Better in blue?, 37215 and 248 on shed at Toddington, 290716

29071626n45r.jpg 45149 passes 26043 at Gotherington, 290716

13081645108r.jpg 45108 during a lively performance at the ELR on 130816, thanks to "PB"

2708161062r.jpg 1062 during a Western running bank holiday weekend at Kidderminster on 270816

2708161015r.jpg 1015 at Bridgnorth with an afternoon Kidder service on a now soggy 270816

230816dmur.jpg 51363/59510/51363 provided entertainment at Winchcombe on 230816

Will September and October deliver even more preserved variety??

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