Glos-Warks diesel day, Saturday July 27th 2019

A fast car with 2 of Bedford's finest aboard picked me up at a damp Leighton around 7am. Progress West was fast, the rains coming and going with it heaviest as we arrived at Toddington!. Relieved of a slightly chingy 26 quid for a Day rover we joined 45149 on a Cheltenham bound service. The 45 was opened up in Greet tunnel memories of peaks on the Midland quickly returned. A very quiet 37248 was then joined but the thrash increased big time with end to end runs behind 26043 and 47376. The Narrow Gauge 100 hp Bedford built Simplex "Bryneglwys" delivered much thrash during a deluge on the narrow gauge, all great fun

Ironically the rains eased for the drive home, passing under the Chiltern Main line at Anyho a 68 stormed North on 1R53 1810 Marylebone - Birmingham MS, bloody good timing that!

27071926010webr.jpg Llangollen's 26010 visiting the Glos-Warks for repairs is seen with 37215 parked up for cab visits

27071924081webr.jpgUnfortunately 24081 had to be pulled from the Gala at the last minute due engine issues, here she is keeping dry in Toddington's superb diesel depot

27071947105r.jpg Overhaul of former Canton 47105 progress steadily here she is on shed looking good.

27071937248webr.jpg 37248 arrives at a soggy Gotherington with the 0940 ex Cheltenham

27071926043webr.jpg Prior what was probably the best thrash of the day 26043 ready to haul 8 Mk I's North on the 1325 Cheltenham - Broadway

27071945149webr.jpg45149 leaves Toddington with the 1500 Broadway - Cheltenham. Instant memories when this fine machine (as 135) worked a Luton - Carlisle footex (via S n C) throughout and back on March 31st 1973

270719brneglasr.jpgSimplex "Bryneglwys" arrives at Toddington NGR in the rain mid afternoon

27071950035webr.jpg50035 arrives at Toddington with the 1540 ex Cheltenham

27071947376webr.jpgPrior to a decent thrash back to Toddington 47376 arrives at Gotherington with the 1710 ex Cheltenham

A big thanks to all the sociable volunteers at the Glos-Warks, a cracking day out!

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