Scotland, Jan 89 thanks to "MIB"


I really miss the 1980s that was the best decade I will ever live through in my opinion and since then it gets progressively worse as time marches on. The 1980s was also the last decade of decent loco haulage in this country and 1989 typified the erosion of our hobby with the end of loco haulage in the highland regions of Scotland.

This was to be an unusual trip for me as I was accompanied by a normal throughout the Scottish Rover as he was interested in understanding what bashing was about. However, there were drawbacks to being in tandem with a non-crank. Firstly, he didnt want to go when there were too many cranks around so this meant we had to go at the start of the month before the final rush for haulage later in January 1989.

Secondly, it meant I had to do normal things so I could not suddenly change direction to chase something else like an nb loco going the other way. This meant doing the real ale Malt Shovel pub, stopping in accommodation on some nights rather than dossing on trains and attending football matches as he had never watched Scottish football live. Whilst I did not need any of the grounds we went too on our visit my colleague did, so I had to be soche and go with him.

Something I regret today is that I never wrote down the numbers of buses, HSTs, EMUs and DMUs in those days so I dont know what I had. To find out all these blank spaces would require every crank in the UK sending me their moves over the years so I can see moves that I did and where the numbers were recorded to belatedly fill in what I had.

We started the bash on 2 January with our first port of call being the QPR v Norwich match at Shepherds Bush. In those days clubs like QPR, Luton, Coventry and Wimbledon were regulars in the old first division. In the 1989-90 season QPR played Man United five times in the league and cup and only lost once. The game on this day played out in front of 12,461 pundits was a draw with Mark Falco netting for the R's. My mate being the extra one added to the attendance!

After the game we went the short distance to Paddington and the first haulage on the trip was provided by Ely Cathedral which was my only winner for the entirety of this visit. Had I known that 47572 would be a solitary winner when I got to Oxford I could have gone straight home on the bus! There were to be a few nbs out in Scotland both had and missed but none of them required a red pen entry into any haulage books.

302018931102webr.jpg31102 at Padd on ecs duties, 020189


Monday 2 January 1989

HST 1141 Bedford to St Pancras (1055 Leicester to St Pancras)

Went to football at Loftus Road

QPR 1 Norwich City 1

Br 47572 1810 Paddington to Oxford (1F64 1810 Paddington to Oxford)

Cd 47426 1941 Oxford to Birmingham NS 2112 (1M40 1656 Poole to Liverpool LS)

Wn 86224 2249 Birmingham NS to Mossend (1S07 2100 Euston to Fort William)


After all these years my memory has faded to the extent that I can't recall how my normal colleague coped with his very first overnight. I think I am correct in saying that there was a 0610 Edinburgh to Queen St HST working as well as the 0625 Queen St to Kings Cross which I believe worked to Glasgow at 0450 in the morning before the internal overnight arrived.

It may have been the January 3 but that didn,t stop Scotland having nb stuff out. On what was a freezing cold, dark morning we were treated to Tinsley beast 47307 on the 0744 to Carstairs. I think the trauma of his first overnight had lessoned my mate's willpower as the compo was far too cold for him so he could only stand going as far as Haymarket.

At that time I had a rank instamatic camera which didn't have a flash so I could only take pics in daylight so I was rather limited in what pics I took. To add to that the weather was to be very dull and gloomy for the most part and the light was pretty awful for my cheap camera so I don't have many decent pics so a few substandard images are with this tome.

My first bowl out came in Dundee as my friend wanted to get Tannadice in as Dundee Utd v Aberdeen encounters were described as the "new firm". I was committed to leading the way to the ground having been before and on arriving at Dundee on 47597 discovering there was a 1415 relief to Kings Cross. I dismissed it as EH and not worthy of attention and whatever it was, I couldn't do it as I had to revert to normal mode as part of the deal. So the match ended in a draw with Charlie Nicholas scoring for Aberdeen in front of 17,952 very cold people. Obviously we were the extra two preventing the total from being 17,950. Dundee United dont get attendances like that anymore and like QPR, are wallowing in their version of the Championship these days.

Oh and by the way, the EH junk on the 1415 relief was later reported to be 26039. Had I been on my own I could have done it to Edinburgh where it was relieved of its duty but I had to sacrifice covering it. I suppose 37097 was a consolation prize later in the day on the infamous 1B29 portion of the 1315 Brighton to Glasgow.

Tuesday 3 January 1989

Ed 37409 0347 Mossend to Glasgow QS via Stirling (1S07 2100 Euston to Ft Bill)

HST 0625 Glasgow QS to Edinburgh (0625 Glasgow QS to Kings Cross)

Ti 47307 0744 Edinburgh to Haymarket (1C62 0744 Edinburgh to Carstairs)

Ed 47524 0848 Haymarket to Edinburgh (1J48 0715 Dundee to Edinburgh)

Ed 47569 0944 Edinburgh to Haymarket (1C69 0944 Edinburgh to Carstairs)

DMU 1002 Haymarket to Edinburgh (0911 Stirling to Edinburgh)

Ti 47307 1044 Edinburgh to Haymarket (1C70 1044 Edinburgh to Carstairs)

DMU 1056 Haymarket to Edinburgh (1003 Stirling to Edinburgh)

Ed 47597 1245 Edinburgh to Dundee (1A47 1245 Edinburgh to Aberdeen)

Went to football at Tannadice

Dundee United 1 Aberdeen 1

Ed 47597 1724 Dundee to Edinburgh (1B40 1605 Aberdeen to Edinburgh)

Ed 47709 1900 Edinburgh to Glasgow QS (1O51 1900 Edinburgh to Glasgow QS)

Ed 47717 2130 Glasgow QS to Edinburgh (1O62 2130 Glasgow QS to Edinburgh)

Ed 47707 2230 Edinburgh to Haymarket (1O65 2230 Edinburgh to Glasgow QS)

Ed 37097 2248 Haymarket to Edinburgh (1B29 2216 Carstairs to Edinburgh)

Is 47563 2325 Edinburgh to Inverness (1H01 2325 Edinburgh to Inverness)


The internal overnight got us to Inverness for 4 January. We had to be in Leith for the 7.45pm kick off for the big Edinburgh derby and I had worked out that we could go to Kyle and back and still make the match. I also worked out that we could intercept the 1714 commuter from Glasgow at Haymarket just in case it dropped. It all panned out as expected and 37196 rounded off the day but as not a winner then the short hop to Edinburgh would have to do.

We bumped into Andrew on his way to the derby, a big Hibs supporter and type two basher, who informed us that 37196 was also allocated to work 1B29 later that night. We had hoped for something different so armed with that gen we decided we would go to the warm pub after the game and not bother with it as we were staying in accommodation so we checked in before walking to Easter Road. Andrew was very happy with a 1-0 win for the Hibees in front of 27,022 pundits. No doubt we were the stray two again spoiling them from having a more rounded 27,020. You don't get crowds of that size anymore at Hibernian even though they remain in the SPL.

Meanwhile, back in Bedford I had missed out on 31292 working the Bletchley branch and apparently, 37110 did the 1545 Aberdeen to Inverness. This was the problem going to do hau'age to Kyle, the far north and on the west highland, you were missing stray nbs sneaking out elsewhere on freezing cold January days!

04018937419webr.jpg37419 at Kyle with the 1128 to Inverness 040189

Wednesday 4 January 1989

Is 37421 0635 Inverness to Dingwall (2H61 0635 Inverness to Wick)

Is 37419 0725 Dingwall to Kyle of Lochalsh (2H81 0655 Inverness to Kyle)

Is 37419 1128 Kyle of Lochalsh to Inverness (2H82 1128 Kyle to Inverness)

Is 47641 1415 Inverness to Haymarket (1B34 1415 Inverness to Edinburgh)

Is 37196 1811 Haymarket to Edinburgh (2O72 1714 Glasgow QS to Edinburgh)

Went to football at Easter Road

Hibernian 1 Heart of Midlothian 0

Stayed in Edinburgh overnight after visiting Malt Shovel


There was to be no football now until Saturday after three consecutive days of attending matches when we would be going to Celtic Park as my mate really wanted to go there even though the Accies were not much cop as opponents. So on 5 January it was a quick fire visit to Wick and Thurso to get them in again on snouts before the end came. I regret not noting the bus that took us across to Thurso from Wick as it may have been a Volvo Ailsa as Highland Scottish worked the route until April 1989 before they went into receivership. I just cannot recall if it was a double or single decker.

Whilst we were out of the way it seems 37175 worked Perth to Inverness on the 1200 from Kings Cross as pilot but I never established if it was actually 5 or 6 January when this is supposed to have occurred. Anyway, whatever, we did the overnight train back to Glasgow as we wanted to do Oban the following day.

Thursday 5 January 1989

Is 47467 0710 Edinburgh to Inverness (1H05 0710 Edinburgh to Inverness)

Is 37417 1135 Inverness to Wick (2H63 1135 Inverness to Wick)

Bus Wick to Thurso

Is 37414 1814 Thurso to Georgemas Jcn (2H74 1814 Thurso to Georgemas Jcn)

Is 37417 1838 Georgemas Jcn to Inverness (2H64 1812 Wick to Inverness)

Is 47642 2340 Inverness to Glasgow QS (1T04 2340 Inverness to Glasgow QS)

Once again we found ourselves on the HST to Edinburgh as a fill in move on 6 January before heading up to Oban with Gary the Buzzard. I am not sure what we did back in Glasgow but for some reason we didnt do 47118 on the 1714 to Edinburgh, partly because half an hour festering in the cold at Lenzie for a unit back to make the 1834 Oban didnt appeal.

06018937407webr.jpg37407 at Oban with the 0834 ex Glasgow 060189


Friday 6 January 1989

HST 0625 Glasgow QS to Edinburgh (0625 Glasgow QS to Kings Cross)

47711 0730 Edinburgh to Glasgow QS (1O05 0730 Edinburgh to Glasgow QS)

Ed 37407 0834 Glasgow QS to Oban (1Y11 0834 Glasgow QS to Oban)

Ed 37407 1250 Oban to Glasgow QS (1T28 1250 Oban to Glasgow QS)

Ed 37407 1834 Glasgow QS to Arrochar&Tarbet (1Y15 1834 Glasgow QS to Oban)

Ed 37423 1957 Arrochar&Tarbet to Glasgow QS (1T44 1810 Oban to Glasgow QS)

Ed 47715 2130 Glasgow QS to Edinburgh (1O62 2130 Glasgow QS to Edinburgh)

Is 47643 2325 Edinburgh to Blair Atholl (1H01 2325 Edinburgh to Inverness)


A move I had done countless times in the middle of the night, swapping trains at Blair Atholl, centre of the universe, on Freedom of Scotland tickets and rovers was called into play for the first time on this trip. It had to be done as 7 January we were heading to the Celtic game so Inverness would have been a position of weakness. All I could really do was a series of leaps covering west highland snouts before the 3pm kick off. It turned out to be a routine Celtic win but rather disappointing in terms of goals and was rather lethargic. The lethargy clearly affected the fans too as only 18,769 bothered to turn up, a rather low attendance for Celtic in a home game.


07018937410n37402Garelochheadr.jpg37410 and 37402 at Gairlochead with the 0840 Fort William - Glasgow 070189

07018937422n37423webr.jpg37422 and 37423 at Gairlochhead with the 1015 Glasgow - Fort William 070189




Saturday 7 January 1989

Is 47467 0203 Blair Atholl to Glasgow QS (1T04 2340 Inverness to Glasgow QS)

Ed 37401 0550 Glasgow QS to Helensburgh U (1Y01 0550 Glasgow QS to Fort Bill)

EMU 0649Helensburgh Central to Glasgow QS Low Level (to Airdrie)

Ed 37405 0834 Glasgow QS to Helensburgh Up (1Y11 0834 Glasgow QS to Oban)

EMU 0954Helensburgh Central to Dumbarton Central (to Airdrie)

Ed 37422 + Ed 37423 1039 Dumbarton Central to Garelochhead (1Y21 1015 Glasgow QS to Fort William)

Ed 37410 + Ed 37402 1133 Garelochhead to Glasgow QS (1T18 0840 Fort William to Glasgow QS)

Went to football at Parkhead

Celtic 2 Hamilton Academicals 0

Ed 47710 2000 Glasgow QS to Edinburgh (1O56 2000 Glasgow QS to Edinburgh)

Stayed in Edinburgh overnight after visit to Malt Shovel


After a bit of a lie in on the Sunday morning there were not too many options so we decided to do the triangle move on 8 January of Edinburgh to Inverness, then across to Aberdeen and back to Edinburgh. All very simple and laid back but in hindsight it might have been better to go the other way round as we passed 37175 on the 1500 Aberdeen to Inverness. To add insult to injury, 37411 was on the 1900 Aberdeen to Glasgow but as part of the deal with the normal, we were spending one final night at the Malt Shovel so it had to be ignored. By the time we would have got from Glasgow to Edinburgh on a Sunday night the pub would be closing and we had another early start the next day.

Sunday 8 January 1989

Is 47541 0950 Edinburgh to Inverness (1H47 0950 Edinburgh to Inverness)

Is 47563 1542 Inverness to Aberdeen (1A86 1542 Inverness to Aberdeen)

Is 47546 1835 Aberdeen to Edinburgh (1B78 1835 Aberdeen to Edinburgh)

Stayed in Edinburgh overnight after visit to Malt Shovel


Our final day was 9 January and we had to get to Mallaig as the last port of call for doing EH snouts before the sprinter invasion. This was the best day for light and sun after what seemed to be endless dank days. As ever as soon as you decide to isolate yourself out in the wilds the nb's come out to play. As we were making our way across to Edinburgh, 37070 was reputed to be on the 0725 Glasgow to Aberdeen. How far it got I have no idea but had I been alone and did 37411 into Glasgow the night before and stayed there, I could have been in position to have it. The moral of this story is don't ever bring normal with you on a bash as you have to make sacrifices and wind up missing stuff.

Whilst stuck in Fort Bill, it appears 26011 worked 1M47 1744 from Edinburgh as far as Carstairs so a bit of a dampener for the long slog home overnight. Also add in the annoyance that the snout we had to Oban and back was the same one again from Mallaig to Glasgow which I could have done without.


09018937403webr.jpg37403 at Queen St with the 1015 to Fort William, 090189

09018937407fwr.jpg37407 at Fort William with 1415 to Mallaig 090189


Monday 9 January 1989

Ed 47712 0700 Edinburgh to Glasgow QS (1O03 0700 Edinburgh to Glasgow QS)

Ed 37403 1015 Glasgow QS to Fort William (1Y21 1015 Glasgow QS to Ft Bill)

Ed 37407 1415 Fort William to Mallaig (2Y53 1415 Ft William to Mallaig)

Ed 37407 1555 Mallaig to Fort William (2T46 1555 Mallaig to Ft William)

Ed 37407 1810 Fort William to Glasgow QS (1D15 1810 Ft William to Euston)

Ed 37410 2305 Glasgow QS to Mossend via Stirling (1D15 1810 Ft Bill to Euston)


Tuesday 10 January 1989

Wn 87026 0130 Mossend to Birmingham NS (1M15 1810 Fort William / 2050 Inverness to Euston)

Ce 85013 0748 Birmingham NS to Euston (1A67 0724 Wolverhampton to Euston)

EMU Kings Cross Midland to Bedford


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