LBNGR "Everything Goes" Sunday July 28th 2015

The Leighton area once again hosted the sounds of Simplex thrash through the rain for much of Sunday.

An impressive diesel roster of 21,23,43,46,165 worked the main line with 36 on pages Park Shunts and the

unique "railcar" on Stonehenge shuttles. Stonehenge also had an impressive cavalcade of other Simplex power

with "Damredub" on hoppers and the crane doing the sand loading.

Oh yes not forgetting kettles 778, Rishra and Peter Pan, the later two paired up.

All brilliant stuff dampened by monsoon rains for the whole day which was a great shame, but most passengers

and volunteers seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves. Thanks to all at the LBNGR.

Next expected Simplex passenger action is The Motorbike event on Sunday 27th September.

26071580r.jpg No 80 "Beudesert" at a rainy Pages Park "ta to PB".

26071510n43r.jpg A noisy duo in Simplexes 10 (21) and trusty 43 on the 1310 Pages Pk-Stonehenge

26071546r.jpg 46 waits at Stonehenge to work the 1355 to Pages Pk already the 4th diesel to work

260715carr.jpg A railcar with a difference! Adrian Shooter of former Chiltern fame loaned his Model T Ford railcar for shuttles at Stonehenge

26071544r.jpg 44 clagging nicely at Stonehenge



26071546n43r.jpg 46 and 43 back at the Park

260715165r.jpg Trumpton (165) running round the 1602 arrival at Pages Pk, ta to "PB".

26071536r.jpg Simplex 36 "Caravan" doing popular headshunt shuttles at Pages Park. "Caravan" until 1969 worked at Kempston Hardwick"brickworks.

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