The last Leighton logs update, March 20th 2021

The Leighton Logs published over 5000 photos over the years, many from our top local contributors. Below is a small selection, these and the other photos will continue to be published on the new website at

A huge thanks to all our contributors down the years


Bletchley, September 20th 1978, thanks to Ian Windmill

20097847212BYFlyoverr.jpg.jpgIan catches 47212 crossing Bletchley Flyover with an Eastbound loaded stone train so typical of the late 70s on September 20th 1978

Cricklewood, 1982 thanks to Robin Morel

198231730177048b.jpgA rare view of 317301 at Cricklewood which received serious accident damage before entering service


Swanbourne, June 16th 1982, thanks to Ian Windmill

16068237130n135r.jpgIan catches 37130 and 37135 rumbling through Swanbourne with the "ARC" for Wolverton on June 16th 1982


Sharnbrook, January 21st 1983, thanks to the late Tony Ewer

21018325266webr.jpg25266 slogs up Sharnbrook bank with the Forders - Garston loaded bricks on January 21st 1983


Milton Keynes, June 21st 1983

21068386007b09webr.jpg86007 is an unusual sight on 1B09 1815 Euston - Northampton on June 21st 1983


Birmingham New St, August 28th 1983, thanks to Dave Spencer

28088340150nsdsr.jpgDave catches some flailers on 40150 as she whistles into New St with 1G06 on August 28th 1983

Glasgow Central, March 10th 1984, thanks to Glenn Jones

10038485006r.jpgRoaring beast 85006 on ECS at Glasgow Central on March 10th 1984


Amersham, April 14th 1984, thanks to Trev Rolfe

14048425042n083amr.jpg25042 and 25083 on the Capital City Transfer tour on April 14th 1984. Thanks to Trev Rolfe for this view and his caption..." as the tour hammered through Amersham.....and I do mean hammer! I have never seen a train go so fast through Amersham kicking up all sorts of debris and terrifying the normals awaiting a pondering A60 unit"


Wolverton, December 20th 1985, thanks to Mark Beal

20128550030r.jpgMark catches the rare sight of 50030 on the ARC at Wolverton stone terminal on December 20th 1985



Old Linslade, July 12th 1994, thanks to the late Tony Ewer

120794862101B420740noretnwebr.jpgTony always had an eye for something different, heres 86210 passing Old Linslade with the 0740 Northampton - Euston "Cobbler" on July 12th 1994


Manchester Piccadilly, March 8th 1997, thanks to "TC"

08039755022r.jpg55022 at the blocks at Manchester Piccadilly after working the West coast Deltic Pionerr tour from Euston on March 8th 1997


Wolverton, December 21st 2005, thanks to Jim Deane

21120587026r.jpg87026 the former "Redgauntlet" howls through Wolverton with a 325 mail unit drag on December 21st 2005


Aylesbury, August 23rd 2006

23080666952r.jpg Viewed from high up on the County Hall tower block, heres 66952 coming off the Risboro branch with the green bins from Cricklewood to Calvert on August 23rd 2006


Rothley, 12th February 2011, thanks to "MIB"

12021108629r.jpgWolverton resident 08629 on holiday at the GCR working a Loughborough shuttle on February 12th 2011



Beacon Hill, Little Kimble, August 20th 2012

20081255020r.jpgChiltern kept their "bubbles" in service until 2017, heres a scenic view of 55020 Aylesbury bound from high above on August 20th 2012


Aylesbury, October 10th 2012, thanks to Andrew Chambers

10101220901n905r.jpgAndrew catches 20901 and 20905 at Aylesbury with 7X09 Old Dalby - Ruislip new tube stock move on October 10th 2012

Ruislip, April 21st 2014, thanks to Rich Stiles

21041467023.jpgUnder an atmospheric evening sky "old faithfull" 67023 throbs North on the evening commuter to Banbury on April 21st 2014



High Wycombe, July 9th 2015, thanks to Trev Rolfe

09071556081trr.jpgAn immaculate 56081 approaches High Wycombe with spoil empties from Calvert on July 9th 2015


Bromham, September 14th 2016, thanks to "TC"

14091660002r.jpg60002 heads North with a short formed 6E38 Colnbrook - Lindsey on September 14th 2016

Ledburn, March 8th 2021

08032140145r.jpgTodays largely sterile WCML still, on occasions delivers, 40145 working a return Oban - Euston "Hoskinsex" throbs South on March 8th 2021.


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