Ledburn am action, 120814

A nice earlyish morning down Ledburn before the clouds built..

120814377208r.jpg Now pretty solid the 5 car 377’s are represented here by 377708 on the 0638 Clapham Jn - M.Keynes

12081490021r.jpg 90021 with a short 8 coach formation 1M16 slowing to cross UF-US a Ledburn Jn. The Inverness portion was stranded by monsoon rains on the Highland line on S25 earlier on 1108.

12081470009r.jpg 70009 on 4L89 slows for M16 to cross ahead. Acceleration from the check was very steady

120814350258r.jpg Meeting of the “slims”, 250260 on the 0746 Euston - Crewe, 350258 and 254 on the 0759 M.Keynes-Euston

120814treer.jpg One of the sentinel pines that guarded the long lost Redborough Farm has suffered storm damage after Sunday 10th August "Berthaex" winds

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