25312 Kings X-Tring Cutting cement empties, 210480, ta to "IW"

Leighton Logs local Archive

271215319013.JPGCurrent gen, incl local phot spots, unit and loco diagrams, WTT, rare local track and more.

05128125314web.jpg Bletchley Flyover loco variety, The enermous variety of power that has crossed Bletchley flyover from class 08 to 70 and much more.

03080247279n870050618egfailkenweb.jpg Watford stoppers, the enermous variety of power that have stopped at Watford Jn down the years, Phots and detailed gen.

121084310067webtodo.jpg The fatal Wembley crash from Oct 84. Phot and detailed gen on the crash, line rebuild and diversions/drag gen.

20128325032rugwirtrn.jpg Wires down at Hemel, Dec 83. The longest local drag ever, much power variety, phots and gen.

25079855022.jpg WCML Deltics 1997-2017. Detailed gen and many phots of Deltic action locally.

220817319217r.jpg Class 319's on the Midland. Detailed gen and 3 phots of the very last week of Thameslink 319 ops in August 2017.

070797319008webrr.jpg WCML 319's 1997-2017. Detailed gen and 10 phots of the varied duties these units have worked locally.

14061792032r.jpg Leighton area dawn chorus, June 14th 2017. 11 freight, 2 sleepers all in perfect dawn sun. Detailed gen and 7 phots from the session.

190517bubsdr.jpg The Chiltern bubbles last day. Phots and gen from the day with some archive bubble views too.

170317319454n440webr.jpg Now in rapid decline, detailed gen of 319 movements North of Luton in March 2017.

19048931430r.jpg Bedford - Bletchley in the 80's. Many DMU and local hauled branch memories from Jason Hall.

310059hhweb.jpg 310059 collides with a BRUTE and derails, Hemel Nov 84.

20061492011web.jpg China clays with DB power no more review.

08070347805.jpg Aylesbury 47s 1971 - 2016 Phots and gen of class 47s through Aylesbury.

050915kingslloopentranceweb.jpg Kings Langley goods loop Workings past and present, plus phots of this surviving local WCML loop.

05027845033.jpg Midland freight 1970 - 2016 Phots from the 70's, 90's and 2016 plus detailed gen of Midland freight.

16051656303r.jpg Chiltern freight 2016 2016 Freight timetable, phots and archive gen.

040216321415r.jpg 321's no more, the final weeks Phots and much gen

16068237130n135r.jpgThe Wolverton ARC remembered, 20 phots and much gen

03078285009bocr.jpgThe BOC tanks remembered, phots and gen of these distinctive tanks

14128625173r.jpgThe last local class 25 moves, Sep 86-Feb 87, phots and detailed gen on the last workings by our popular class 25's

22120687002etnr.jpgThe last G21 remembered, the last 87 hauled service train Dec 2006

11059086401mkar.jpgThe last NSE Euston - Northampton "Cobbler", phots and gen of the very last day May 1990

02058585014.jpg 1A76 remembered, 1A76 load 5 mk i's on the 1730 Brum-Euston remembered

24111225057hr.jpg 2A23/1A23/1A02 remembered, The "milk empties" remembered, steaming rats, roaring beasts in the dark of the night, 2A23 the stuff of local legends

25098308808.jpgGronks no more, the decline of local gronk haunts, 13 phots incl the Calvert gronk, much gen also

17059085037manetnfootex.jpg Last local Roarer and dino?, May 90, Two local lasts in one memorable night in May 90

28058731280.jpg Local loco failures 1960 - 2016, Features 28 different class failures,their rescue and unique phots

24088440104r.jpg Class 40's on the Midland Main line 1960-1985, Class 40 gen and 2 phots from the Southern end of the Midland main line, more 40s than you probably realised worked right thru to Jan 85

28058846035.jpg Class 46's on the Midland Main line 1960-1985, Detailed class 46 gen most having visited the Midland. Common in the 70's, rarer in the 80's.

20097847212BYFlyoverr.jpg Bletchley Stone traffic, Part one 1973-1985, Classic phots and gen of the early days of the Bletchley stone traffic

20097847212BYFlyoverr.jpg Bletchley Stone traffic, Part Two 1990-2016, Phots and detailed gen on the later years of the Bletchley stone traffic with class 37/60 and 66.

02058347489obwrweb.jpg Bletchley Flyover variety, Part one - The Railtours, Classic phots and gen of the Railtour power over Bletchley Flyover

12109647049r.jpg Bedford Festival/Open day 1996 , Classic phots from Bedford's 1996 open days thanks to Mark Beal

25060587013byr.jpg Bletchley Parcels Dock remembered , Classic phots and gen on Bletchley's now closed parcels dock

25060587013byr.jpg Bletchley Loco sidings remembered , Classic phots and gen on Bletchley's long closed loco stabling sidings, "rats" no more...

058573141r.jpg "ED's" to Cricklewood and onto the Midland, 1972-2014, Detailed gen and phots, Gen includes JA's to Luton Bute Street, derailments and much more!

058573141r.jpg "90's" on "Cobblers", 90 gen and phots of the final "Cobbler" era at Leighton

058573141r.jpg The "Stanlow Tanks" remembered, "Rats" thrashing South on 2000 tonnes...Gen and phots.

More local features coming soon,

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