Local gen snippets, updated regulary into Autumn 2018

Back by popular demand, thanks to many sources for the info.

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Forthcoming RTT workings  

This seasons water cannon RHTT starting Sunday Sep 30 until mid December will have top

and tail Colas haulage from 7 October for 9 weeks will have "something loud"!!

LNWR 319 diagrams

From August 13th we have 2 more turns (booked a pair) which also stop at "top shack" (Leighton Buzzard) ..

Mon-Fris Only 2B14 0738 Bletchley - Euston

Mon-Fris Only 2N97 1805 Euston - Northampton

This is the first service train working for the class North of the Keynes since Connex South Central days..

LNWR 319 fleet

The slowly expanding 319 fleet includes..

319002+, 319005T, 319008+, 319012+, 319013, 319215+, 319216, 319220T, 319429, 319433, 319441,  319457 and 319460

+ not currently in service

T still in Thameslink white livery, phot in a pair would be welcome!

Rumours that the 319s and ex tube units to be used on the Bedford - Bletchley branch from December may eventually use a newly reopened Bletchley TMD for maintenance.....perhaps.

 LNWR new livery

After a pedestrian start apparently at least 350262, 350267, 350373, 350374, 350375 are now in new livery

Rare local track

The 1 and 2 Sep blockades saw just half hourly 350s running to Bletchley. From platform 5 at Bletchley down trains were routed via the down goods loop (right side) then via the up slow to MK plat 2 before regaining the DS just North of the Keynes. Pendos seemed to be blocking allother running lines most of the day

Kings Heath open day Oct 2018

Some sort of depot open day on October 13th 2018. Check depot facebook page for fuller details

Northampton 365s

Storage of displaced ex GN 365units in the old Northampton Carriage sidings in the Summer has now ended. All units are now in secure storage at Crewe

Lidlington loco failure, 210816

ROG's 37611 working a Leicester - Wembley light engine turn expired in the Lidlington area.  This shut the branch for all services for some hours until the Rugby thunderbird 57002 dragged the failure back to Leicester

The "Immingham oiler"

These days known as the Colnbrook - Lindsey tanks on the Midland is still running despite rumours of its August demise. Appears to be solid 70 these days (the last known 60 was 60076 on 130718 but rumours are that it will continue a bit longer into Autumn hopefully. This freight flow with its origin in the Immingham - Langley Total tanks with IM 47s has a long history dating back to its diversion onto the Midland in early 1972

On this day in History 300885

20161/20197 dragged the 0745 Manchester - Euston from Nuneaton and via the Midland to St Pancras due wires down at Kenton. No buses were needed!

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